Need advice picking last ADR

Ok so I made all my ADR’s last month but have since been reading reviews and talking on different board. Everything I have seen has said that Chef Mickey’s is horrible and not worth it. We already have Sanaa, Ohana, H&V Fantasmic, TH ROL, Biergarten, CRT, BOG, Bon Voyage Breakfast, and Whispering Canyon. Need some suggestions to replace Chef Mickey’s. It does not have to be character.
If you could only pick one place to eat a TS meal, where would you pick??

I personally love Sci Fi, Yak and Yeti, The Boathouse, Jungle Canteen.

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My favorite TS spot is Ragland Road at DS…


Akershus, Raglan Road, Crystal Palace, and Tiffins (signature dining).

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LTT, Raglan Road, Sci Fi (more for cool atmosphere than food). CP breakfast. I’d say Boma but you already have Sanaa so unless you’re staying at AKL it might not be very convenient.

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Judging from your choices, I’m assuming you have children, so I won’t recommend any of the signatures (although they are all on my “favorites” list.)

MK - LTT for lunch. Haven’t tried Skipper’s yet, but it’s on my list for my next trip.
DHS - 50s
Resorts - Other than Sanaa (which is a favorite), all of my resort dining experiences have been signatures (except for Kona, which did not impress me at all, Boma, which was “OK”, but not one I’ll probably do again, and the Wave which had the worst service I’ve ever had at WDW).

If you wanted to try a signature, with kids, HBD in DHS or Le Cellier in EP would probably be the best choices.

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Thank you all for the helpful advice. It is very much appreciated!!