Need advice on Room Request for BCV

I am struggling with the room request decision for BCV, and I need to get it done very soon. We are 10 days out. I have never done a room request before, so I am a little nervous. TP Guide seems to advise that the rooms facing the woods are the best picks, but when I view the room photos, the rooms with the views of the quiet pool and landscaped walkway look a little nicer to me? Anyone with experience at the BCV care to comment? Here are my questions: 1) Do all of the pool view rooms have balconies? 2) Where are the elevators in the building? 3) Is there access to the bus stop from the wing that crosses over the canal without going back toward the lobby? I mean, can you exit the building on the parking lot side, and walk straight down to the bus stop? Or would it be just as quick to go through the building to the other wing, down, and out through the lobby? @lecras I apologize, I just re-read your last reply to me, and I now realize that you had previously answered my question about your reasons for not wanting a lockoff!
Edit: Are the elevators the little boxes marked with an “X” on the TP Room Finder diagram? If so, do both of these go to the lobby?

Following your thread for the same guidance! I don’t have an answer for you, but I know others will! I’ve just been looking at rooms myself and agree that the views of the pool seem nicer overall than the view of the woods. Will be curious to hear what others have to say.

Those boxes with Xs are indeed elevators. Again, not sure which go where, but I know that much.

ETA: there does appear to be a set of stairs on the lot side of the canal on that far wing you mention. I am betting you could exit there to the parking lot. Whether that’s a fast/easy/valid way to get to the bus stop I can’t say.

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1). All bcv rooms have balconies
2). There are two - one in the center lobby. I think the other one was near the pool - we did not use it.
3). Yes - there are stairs. We ended up closer to those stairs last visit and they were awesome for going to the bus stop. Otherwise, being in that part of the building was a VERY long walk to everything else.

We have always faced Epcot and I loved seeing the golf ball lit up at night.

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Picture above is from 273. I have also stayed in 420. I would request 420 again.


I must be crazy, but I cannot find Room 420 on the Room Finder? :thinking:

FYI - I filled out my request tonight for Room 408. I am not sure if it is the best view available, but these were my reasons: pool view, proximity to stairwell, BC Resort main lobby, Stormalong Bay, and bus transportation, not too far from elevator, (but far enough to minimize noise), proximity to walkway to Epcot. Also, this is the room that DVC Rental featured on YouTube, so I am hoping maybe it is one of the nicer rooms? Who knows? I hope I made the right choice (request)! If you receive any other information that you think would be helpful, please let me know! Thanks!

It is the one highlighted here.

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Oh ok, thanks. The sequence was running from 416 to 428 in the front of the building, which didn’t make sense. I clicked on a bunch of other rooms to see if I could find it, but I guess I must have missed that one! Thanks so much for your help. Could you hear the elevator noise from your room?
Is it just the way the map is sketched, or is Room 410 actually larger than Room 408? Wondering if I should change my request. (Looking for room dimensions…)

I don’t remember hearing the elevator at all. Both times we stayed in a one bedroom - my husband and I slept in the bedroom and the kids on the pull out couch. Not sure if the other rooms are studios or two bedrooms and that’s why there are different sizes?