Need advice for Nov 2018 planning

Long story short, in-laws just got a great deal for a condo at Sheraton Vistana Villages and invited us down to visit WDW. Our crew includes 5 adults (3 in their 60’s, 2 in their 30’s) and DS1.5.

Husband and I are both WDW vets, but I’m at a loss with planning this trip since it is last minute and we’re staying off site (I’ll never turn down free lodging!). Obviously I missed the ADR window, but I’m crossing my fingers that the ressie finder comes through!

We have decided on two park days - one at MK, one at DAK (has the most attractions for DS1.5). Now here’s where things get hairy … which two days to chose?

  • Sat, Nov. 10 - MK: Crowd level 7; evening EMH
    DAK: Crowd level 6
  • Sun, Nov. 11 - MK: Crowd level 9
    DAK: Crowd level 6
  • Mon, Nov. 12 - MK: Crowd level 7; MVMCP night
    DAK: Crowd level 5

I don’t want to go to MK on a party day because I’d like to see HEA. Decided against MVMCP because I don’t think DS1.5 would last long enough to enjoy it. So that leaves MK for 11/10 or 11/11. Should I avoid the EMH day or the crowd level 9 day? For what it’s worth, Undercover Tourist suggests 11/11 and has crowd level 6. Looks like any day is fine for DAK. No way we’ll get a FOP FPP but that’s a whole different issue…

The third day (as well as arrive/depart days) will be some combination of pool/Boardwalk/Geyser Point/Disney Springs - any other suggestions? Any other advice from anyone who has gone during Jersey Week/Veteran’s Day weekend? Thanks in advance!

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MK on 11/10, DAK on 11/12.

So we are big Animal Kingdom fans, but I’m curious why you feel that this has the most attractions for your DS? We took our DS1 there and while he would have played in the Boneyard pretty much the whole day, the only real attractions for him were KS and the Disney Pals. Now I guess they also have Na’vi river that he can ride. I assume you mean all the animal trails?

Our son ended up really liking Epcot. You have Nemo and the Seas, Living with the Land, Spaceship Earth, 3 Caballeros and FEA. Plus all of the live entertainment (which you do get at AK too). Plus the giant bonus of us being able to stroll around the world during naptime. I think your dates are still F&W!

Just something to think about!

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I too would choose MK and Epcot.

If you are only doing 2 park days, I would take a break in the middle. Since you want HEA, I would do MK 11/10 and whatever other park you choose on 11/12.

I agree on MK and EP. There was little for my DS3 to do at AK when we were there last. Even for our upcoming trip when he will be 5, several headliners at AK (FOP, EE, PW) are still a no-go for him b/c of height. He loved Epcot, though. And napped while we cruised world showcase.

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This trip will be meaningless to your DS. There will be a high l v l of sensory stimulation, but no more than a trip to your local mall. Your only concerns might be what he will sleep through. Make plans for the adults and consider him as something you have to haul around with you. May sound ugly, but it’s the truth.

As to bswan’s comment, I will say that my DS1.5 at the time seemed to enjoy the shuttle bus from FQ as much as he enjoyed Dumbo, BUT I will also say that he had a blast in general–meeting princesses, taking the train, running through fountains. Yours will have a great time. We were glad we took him.

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@bswan26 is right. and in that vain, if MVMCP is something the adults want to do, and you are confident DS will sleep in the stroller through it all, I would GO and enjoy it! You won’t be paying for him anyway…

bswan is right (seriously pick the park the adults want to go to which may be AK if you want to do Pandora). I’d personally pick Epcot and do Food and Wine on Monday and Magic Kingdom on Saturday or Sunday … I don’t think it will really make a difference which day you pick.

Thanks all for the advice. Another reason we were thinking of doing DAK is so the adults could do Pandora. Maybe we’ll do hoppers and hit F&W afternoon/night.

Everyone seems to agree MK on Saturday 11/10. TP has it as a 7, but both Kenny the Pirate and Undercover Tourist say to avoid. Undercover Tourist says Sunday 11/11 is best, but TP has it as a 9. Any ideas for the disparity?