Need advice for DLR on Christmas Eve/day

My family and I are booking a trip to DLR for Christmas with our 6yo and 1yo. The 24th-27th. We want to do a “magical” experience for our oldest by having him open presents days early (really a scavenger hunt leading to the big surprise) and then leaving for California the same day. I know crowds will be at peak levels, but thought it might be doable if we are spacing the trip into 4 days, have realistic expectations, and plan our mornings and evenings out right. Am I right in thinking this way, or is this a crazy idea that is not recommended? Friendly opinions are much appreciated! Thank you!


Yep this is right. You can do it! Just have low expectations of how much you can get done and hopefully they will be exceeded. Also make sure to get tickets / park reservations soon to lock those in. Keep in mind you can always use your tickets for a later date if you end up not going, so it’s worth it to buy soon.


And to paraphrase a quote from one of my favorite movies, Disneyland is always a good idea. :wink:



Some suggestions to deal with crowds:

  1. If you can, rope drop
  2. With a one year old, take advantage of the baby care rooms. @lolabear_la is an expert at touring with littles and can advise you better than I can.
  3. Normally I would suggest mid day breaks with littles, but be aware in previous years, the dates you are going, the parks have historically sold out and re-entry wasn’t an option. I don’t know what the new system with reservations will do to that. Just be aware.
  4. Rope drop your priorities.
  5. Use the train as transportation. If there is a parade or just so congested, it tough to get through the crowds use the train to get across the park. We have even used it to get from Main St to NOS (New Orleans Square).