Need advice for AK plan

We plan on getting to park early for RD and going straight to FOP. First 2 FP’s are at 10am and 11am for EE and Dinosaur. Our FP for FOP is at 6:30 pm and we will not be in park that late. I feel like I have two options for 3rd FOP FP, hold on to it and try to move it closer to 12:30pm or dump it and take something else at 12:00 ish…Na’vi is available, Safari is available, Lion King is available…what would you do?

I would dump the FoP and choose something else like Navi or the Safari. I would prioritize the Safari for our family.

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I’d see if you can bump FoP up. If you can’t… it won’t be too difficult to put something else in instead.

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If you are a confident rope dropper, I would dump it now and get something else.

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I would hold it with the following plan.
I would RD FoP. Get there at least an hour, but hopefully 75 minutes before open.
They will let you into Pandora early and it’s the only place that will be open early. If you can make it to the front, you can ride FoP(and NJ if you want) and then move to Safari pretty quickly. Safari is a hard additional FP to get(not as bad as Pandora, but I would put it a third most difficult) and the line can build. If you can get out of Pandora before others and make it to Safari you will be good to go. If that works, you can either dump the FoP FP or try to modify(especially at the FP drop times). Difficult, but not impossible and I had luck with it.

If RD goes poorly and you end up in back of the group, move on to NJ(nothing else will be open), and then the rest of your plan. Try to modify the FP and consider a break and return strategy if you can’t modify.