Need advice concerning FastPass+ for visiting two parks in one day

I am taking my niece and nephew (both teenagers) on their first trip to Disney for spring break next month. We plan on visiting the four parks in three days so I intend to double up on one day. We will be visiting Animal Kingdom in the morning (with the intention of getting there early but we are not staying at a resort hotel), and then go to Epcot later in the afternoon with dinner reservations within Epcot. I made all of my FastPass reservations for Animal Kingdom (Primeval Whirl, Expedition Everest, and Kilimanjaro Safaris), but I am now wondering if I should use FastPass instead for Epcot since according to the Unofficial Guide, the parks are more crowded in the afternoon and I am sure that they will want to visit the popular attractions of Test Track, Mission: SPACE, and Spaceship Earth.

Should I switch my reservations to Epcot? Thank you for any recommendations that you can give.

I would switch. If Animal Kingdom open at 9:00 you could go to EE ( Safari doesn’t always open right away), then to Safari. After that you could head to PW and do them all with very little wait.

I agree with Tink. but I would seriously consider getting to AK at rope drop

Agree, switch them to Epcot. And make sure you are at AK half an hour before open, also choose a day without EMH if possible. Have fun!

I took everyone’s advice and made the switch. Unfortunately, I can’t use one of the FastPass reservations because it conflicts with dinner reservations but it is what it is.

Now, how to pull a 14-year old boy out of bed so that we can get to the parks early is another challenge!

Thank you, everyone!

@BlueeyedSara,I once had a 14 year old boy. AK has magic that even gets my now 22 year old at RD. All I have to whisper is: you can do EE at least 3 times with no wait.

It works very time.


@Principal Tinker, I will certainly try that! :smiley:

This is how I get my teen/tween out of bed there as well. They no longer argue, they know that if we are there for EMH or rope drop they will have their fill of EE, RnRc, Space, or Test Track depending on the park. @BlueeyedSara, it is still early with FPP reservations, I have changed mine for the busy time around Easter quite a few times, you should be able to change yours easily still. You don’t have to take the times they offered, just go into MDE and change the time to something that works.


@Wahoohokie, did not realize that I could change the times! Thank you! Whoo-hoo! :grinning:


Glad that helped!

Since you were all so helpful, maybe you could clarify a point for newbie me. The Unofficial Guide advises arriving 40 minutes before opening. Does that mean just arrive at the park 40 minutes early so that you can park, take tram, etc. and then wait for the RD? Or does it mean go through all of that and still be at the entrance 40 minutes before opening? Guess what I fear is the answer?!

I believe they mean to be through all of that 40 minutes before opening. It’s a rough way to start the morning, but it’s so very worth it. If you arrive at the bag check at park opening, you’re going to have a long wait to get through that and the turnstiles. If you’re through all that 40 minutes before, you’ll be at the front of the pack for hitting the attractions.

I was afraid of that but will do. Sheesh! The recommendation for MK is 70 minutes!

Thank you!

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Yep, MK especially takes a long time from when you park the car. Our EMH is at 7am in Easter, we will be parking the car around 6ish. Going to be a very early morning, but then will take a 4 hour break to swim and nap in the afternoon.

I had built in a 3-hour “Let’s do whatever we want at the park” period but I think that I’m now going to extend it to four hours and we will just return for our character dinner. Going to be a long but hopefully magic-filled day. Thanks!

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