Need a little help figuring this booking out

Good morning!
I’m trying to book at GFV for august 2023.

I have 75 points coming in June 2023 and I just banked 41 points on my 2022 contract. The trip will only cost 96 points (probably less because we might cut down a day). It seems like they’re trying to borrow points from 2024? I can’t figure this out

Also- are the points I just banked need to be used by June 2023- could that be the issue?

Can you show us your dashboard?

(I have 160 point OKW contract as well, hence the 235 points, and 21 points remaining in 2022)



I wonder if it is just summarizing your options in that top picture. Is it actually making you borrow when you book? You can click forward, you have to try very hard to bank or borrow by typing in the amounts and then also confirming.


I don’t think it’s saying it will borrow those points.

It’s just telling you that you have 75 points you could borrow in that contract if you want to. For some reason it always shows any banked points and any available to borrow.


Yes, it should tell you you are all set after you book (without borrowing).


Ok phew.