Need a June room for two nights

Hi. We’ve been to Disney the last two summers and will be going again next summer for my daughter’s graduation. I just found out that we are taking a trip to my sister-in-law’s vacation house in Florida for my in-laws 50th anniversary. Her house is about 3 hours from Disney, so I’m trying to make it work! I think I’ve convinced my husband to go for a one day trip. I mean, I’ll take what I can get! I’m guessing I could talk him into two nights, so we wouldn’t have to drive the three hours back after park day. I was thinking of Pop for price, but I didn’t see anything on Disney. I did see something on Trivago for Pop that was a good deal. Is there any problem booking that way? We’ve always booked through Disney. Also, does an agency like MVT do bookings for only two nights, or do they require a longer stay? Thanks!

I’ve never done through Trivago, but MVT can do as little as one night.

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