NDR Legoland Windsor - Anyone been recently?

Have any wisdomous liners been to the Legoland Windsor Resort in recent years?

Looking for experiences of the newer rides and new restaurant setup.

Haven’t been since 2018.

Hit me with any relevant tips and tricks please :smiley:

I went last summer for a day.

The new ride is good, but expect a long queue(unless you’re going to fork out for the skip the line system). The ride concept is, IMO, waaaaaaaay better than the one in Florida.

We didn’t do everything. I can’t remember if Florida has the submarine ride, I don’t think so. Not sure if you’ll have done that.

I still think the Big Top is a wasted opportunity. But the queue for Indy, err I mean Johnny Thunder, is still impressive, and the queue for the new ride is also good with interactive elements. Again well ahead of Florida.

Sad to see the racing water slides gone from near the top. Viking River Splash is still my favourite ride, but be prepared for being bumped around. We rode on our own and without the raft full we really did get pummelled.

Miniland was in the middle of a re-do. A lot of the European countries have been replaced, which is a shame. Especially the canal system for Sweden. But the additions are good, and the removed ones were originals and I guess prone to break-down and not as impressive. I was sad that the Star Wars indoor exhibition was gone (I think).

The entry cost is so much less than in Florida. But the skip the line options are pricey. I paid for the mid-tier version, that allowed us to cut the wait times in half. It was OK but frustrating in some ways. For some rides there was no second tap in which meant we could have booked another ride much earlier if we’d realised. And actually we only used it for 4 rides, so almost the cost of the ticket per ride!

Entry was £30 each, bought a few days ahead. I think we paid £99 each for the skip the line …. and that was for the second tier version. :flushed: Since it was just me and my eldest it didn’t seem so bad.

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I would’ve liked to have seen that again, it was pretty epic.
Although I mused with DS that it would be cool if they replaced it with loads of Lego Mario sets :laughing:

We’re probably going to splurge for a queue skipper option, but I’ll need to research which one.
The top tier one only lets you skip the line for Flight of the Sky Lion once.
I guess other rides are unlimited, but I’m not sure.

Thanks @Nicky_S :+1:t2::smiley: