NDR, Legoland touring

I have the 2019 unofficial guide for legoland. It does not have lego movie section.

Is it doable to do the whole park with lego movie plus water park in a day? Going in end of august. Park times pretty short but thinking attendance is really low, esp with SWGE opening.

Thoughts from others who have done this park.

We went over spring break in 2018, wasn’t incredibly crowded. Still didn’t get everything done in the regular park. I doubt that you’d be able to do the water park also.

We went last summer -arrived at 10 and stayed until park close (which was maybe 7) - we got a lot but not everything done in the park. The VR coaster line was too long and we skipped the movie and some of the smaller rides. Also didn’t play very long in the LEGO building. I wanted to walk through the gardens but didn’t have time/was vetoed. Don’t think you could do the water park too. Lines at the end of the day were nonexistent-we did one of the coasters three times in a row.

Doing every single attraction and shows plus waterpark would be an uncomfortable stretch and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Doing highlight attractions plus waterpark is doable. If you are ok skipping the gardens, garden-variety coasters, just one show and movie then you shouldn’t have any problems with a short stay at the waterpark. RD pays off big time in Legoland. I would say that even during crowded days most people start arriving about 2 hours after opening. Probably because no one expects for it to be so far!

Arrive very early and RD. Start at the end of the park and work your way toward the entrance. The park is essentially one big corridor. The waterpark is very crowded and nothing to write home about. Don’t expect a mini Volcano Bay because it isn’t.

The unofficial touring plan from Len’s book seems to state touring
differently. Or perhaps my lack of knowledge of the park leads me to this

generally it looks like I was walking the corridor except getting to the
driving school @ RD.

So should i do driving school, then trek to back and make way forward? Where is that super soaker ride? I would prefer than later in the day and not first thing.

It reads to me like you already have your mind set and are only looking for validation rather than advice.

Legoland allows for plenty of impromptu planning and doesn’t penalize wrong decision as hard as WDW. As long as you are realistic you will be able to fit your priorities in a schedule. Best of luck to you.

Not really having mind set. I analyze, re-analyze, review, etc. way too many times. Your line

Legoland allows for plenty of impromptu planning and doesn’t penalize wrong decision as hard as WDW

is really good to know. I have heard others talk about go to back of park first in other places. Nice to see it mentioned here (touringppans) too.