NDR Companion Pass Question

Flying to Disney in December and just learned that we’ve earned companion pass status on SWA! I have never done this before so I just want to make sure I am understanding this right… We already have flights booked for December that we paid for pre-companion pass status. Can I cancel my husband’s ticket that we paid for then add him back on as my companion? Does this sound right?

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Yes, you can cancel DH’s paid ticket and add him as your companion. BUT FIRST, you must notify SW that he IS your companion. You can change your companion a limited number of times during the year. You have to call each time to change it.

Great!! Thank you. He is the designated companion so that is in place. It helps to talk it through before actually doing it :slight_smile:

Congrats on earning your companion pass! Since you have already designated him as your companion and your tickets are already booked, call Southwest and have them split him off the reservation and cancel him and then you can add him back as a companion. If your original booking was cash and a “wanna get away” fare, make sure you do this by 9/30 so that the travel funds generated by canceling his flight will be valid until Sept 2022.
ETA: the Southwest agents seem to be accustomed to doing this as I was in the same situation back in the spring


GREAT! Thank you so much!!!

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This reminds me of something. I used to have a friend who would use the companion ticket for “Right Cheek” She was a large lady and took more than one seat. I wonder if that is still possible?

Thank you again! Saved over $200 calling today!!

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