NDR Carnival Marci Gras

Has anyone sailed on the Carnival Mardi Gras? Would it be good for teens?

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I have clients that are very hard to please and absolutely adored it. Younger kids but they went on spring break so saw kids of all ages and said everyone was having a blast. If I were taking teens on carnival I’d choose mardi gras for sure


I want this ship so badly.

It looks amazing IMO.


Well that makes me feel better. I read the beds were terrible and that worries me a little.

We just booked the horizon for spring break. Have you been?


I have not

I have not.
I have only been on Valor and Elation, both smaller.

Horizon is also on my “to do” list with kids.
I wish I could get my schedule together for next year and book something, but my life is less organized now than my entire life. Travel a LOT when your kids are little, bc you lose control of their schedules when they get bigger.