NDR - But need help

Hi all, first time on forum. I have a big trip coming up, 9 days of which is in Orlando. Part of my trip is in Yosemite and I have a crazy unnatural illogical fear of bears. Anyone been and never seen one? I am starting to get anxious as hubby is planning on a few hikes. not camping naturally. please tell me it will be fine.

Are you camping overnight in Yosemite? That’s honestly about the only way you generally see bears, and even then, it’s not common. Unless you leave your pbandj sandwiches lying around.

Spent a week there last September, hiked many of the trails. My wife too was very nervous that we would come across a bear. We saw signs that some were there but much to my dismay we did not see any.

You can buy bear spray if you are really that worried about it, but if you stay on well-traveled paths and make noise, you should be fine. Just don’t be that guy that tries to get juuuust a little closer for that perfect pic. We only saw a bear from a great distance when we were there. Like across a big open field.

There is s much greater chance of seeing a bear in Yellowstone than in Yosemite. Unless you’re way off the beaten path, the chances are pretty slim.

I should add that I have friend who is a wildlife photographer and he spent a week in Yosemite LOOKING for bears and he couldn’t find any. Yellowstone - different story.

hi. No we are staying at Tenaya lodge at fish camp

oh I am happy to hear this lol. Thanks!

thanks for responding everyone!