NCAA Tournament - Disney style

In honor of the NCAA tournament starting today, I propose we do a NCAA tournament style of Disney rides.

The 1 seeds are the best rides, the 16 seeds are the rides you would skip.

So a few examples would be
1 seed: BTMRR
16 seed:IASW

1 seed: 7DMT
16 seed: Stitch’s great escape

How would you rank some of these, and are there any under appreciated rides that you love that wouldn’t get rated as high but would beat some more highly rated attractions?


#1 seed splash mountain
#16 seed tikki room
1 EE
16 primeval hurl

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I think people mover could be a Cinderella team. See what I did there? Making it to the sweet 16.

My MK bracket:

OK, but seed 1-6 are do at least twice per trip. This isn’t even counting Fantasyland which pretty much everything is a once per trip must.

1: Jungle Cruise
2: Haunted Mansion
3: Laugh Floor
4: Tiki Room
5: Pirates
6: People Mover
7: Splash Mountain
8: Big Thunder Mountain
9: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
10: Carousel of Progress

16: Barnstormer.
16: Space Mountain (this is MK seeding. DL this would be near the top)
16: Astro Orbiter

The last three shouldn’t even be seeded other than to conform to your rules. :slight_smile: I can quite comfortably never ride those again.

Tiki room is going down… big upset if they are a 4 seed

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