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I just signed up and I wonder if anyone could help me

  1. Is there anyway to add a meal break if you are not eating at one of the restaurants in that park? The only options given are the food establishments in that park
  2. I added two plans (one for each park) for our Universal Studios day but the planner is given me two different plans versus combing all rides we want in both parks… We can’t be on two rides at the same time
  1. You need to just insert a break for the duration that you expect to be eating. For quick service in park, expect 45 minutes. If leaving the park, you’ll need a lot longer.
  2. Not sure I understand your second question. So, you made up two separate plans, one for Universal, one for Island of Adventure? TP doesn’t merge plans because you could be making two separate plans for two different groups that will be going to different parks that day. You need to set your time parameters, e.g., US from 9 am until 2 pm, then, set time parameters on your IoA plan from 2:30-9 pm, for example, and have two separate plans for different parts of your day. If that doesn’t answer your question, then reply and clarify.

Ok thanks! I’ll break up the times

I just started using the application. I picked the “canned” plan. You can copy it with a different name and then you can modify it. It allows you to add meal breaks or any other breaks. If you use the personalized version it doesn’t give you the needed flexibility based on what I saw, but I am also just trying to figure out how to use it…

I do not know if the website support staff helps to not on occasion. Good luck.