Navigating During A Parade at MK

Does a Personalized Touring Plan automatically account for parades? Ours has us doing Peter Pan and then getting over to Tom Sawyer Island at 3:10. There’s a FoF parade at 3:00 that we are going to catch another day. Will the crowds be too much to get through? I believe another version of the PTP had us crossing the parade route from Adventureland over to Tom Sawyer, also during this parade. Can’t remember the exact time, though. Oh, this is on a level 5 crowd day, not sure what that means for parade crowds on that side of the park.

Thanks from a rookie!

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I don’t think that they do. Be sure to pack your samurai sword and just slice your way through the crowds…

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You are wise to think of this in advance, as I’ve made the mistake of not accounting for parades on more than one occasion. I do not believe that personalized touring plans account for them.

As for your example with Peter Pan, you can bypass the parade route walking along the river, so the parade wouldn’t block your path in that case (though it would slow your walk a little, with an extra volume of people funneled into the relatively small walkway along the river. The example when going from Adventureland to Tom Sawyer Island would be blocked by the parade route for awhile.

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Thanks! So I was right to reorder the plan. Originally, after I thought I had the whole thing optimized, I thought, “Wait, what about the PARADES?!” So I spent some more time reordering. Glad to know it wasn’t in vain, lol.

I did the FL to FrL trek during MSEP one time. Use the wooden walkway along side of the river. It was a bit slow going (worse because the lights were mostly off), but it kept moving the whole time.

Thanks, @bswan26 , that is very helpful info.

I think you’d be okay. CMs try to maintain walking paths behind crowds for those getting around

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