Navigating compared to DL

Been to DL 4 times last 10 years or so. First trip to WDW upcoming. I know it’s not exact, and I’m pretty good with navigating as opposed to family (who may as well be blindfolded everytime), but should I be pretty close to finding my way around between the lands and attractions?

MS, AL FrL, FL, and TL are all in the same relative location. The main difference is the two “Squares”. NOS is sandwiched between AL and FR at DL; Liberty Square is between FrL and FL. Also, no Toontown or Critter Country at WDW. The more confusing thing is that similar attractions are not necessarily in the same locations in the two parks (and DL has more attractions than MK). Best thing to do is to go to the WDW website and download the park maps and study them in advance.

When I went to DL I found that everything was vaguely familiar but “off”. I remember being surprised by Mission Space since that should be in EP in my mind. I would think that would work the opposite way as well.