Navi River Journey Fastpass?

My family and I will be at Disney World the last week of June (25-30). I’m trying to decide on Fastpasses. Would you guys recommend a fastpass for the new Navi River Journey located in Avatar World, or should we take our changes and visit it during the extended magic hours?

Get a fastpass!

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Given that it’s all new, I would absolutely get a fastpass for it.

Absolutely get an FPP for it!

Agree with everyone else fpp

I guess I’m different on this from everyone else. I’ll be there the first week of June, but have PH tickets with the extended LMH every night. I’m choosing to hold off on FP Pandora rides because the whole park will be crowded but I’m thinking that it won’t be nearly as crowded at like 12:30 at night lol.

Thanks for the replies. I decided to go ahead and use a fastpass for it=)

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i agree, going to the late extra magic hours i think you will be good, cause most people with children i would think would go to the early ones

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