Navi River Journey at Rope Drop

Hi all,

Been mulling over rope drop plan for our full AK day and am leaning towards heading to Navi River first and have a few questions:

  • I know FOP is opened and running before park opening hours, is this the same for NRJ?
  • If so how early would you anticipate it opening on 8am EMH? Beginning of April, so Spring Break but not quite Easter.
  • What time should we aim to arrive at the park to rope drop NRJ? We want to take full advantage of the morning EMH starting at 8am, CL currently predicted at a 7.
  • Should I remove NRJ entirely from my plan and assume that we’ll be off it by 8am (or shortly after) and that we’ll have walked to Dinosaur for 8.15 which is about the same time for walking there directly from the entrance? With it in I’m not getting to Dinosaur until 8.44!

I’d be grateful for your insights as it might influence whether to modify my Everest FP 'til a little later in the day - I know we won’t get any 4th FPs that day as have a FOP at 18.55 which I’ll try to modify to earlier in the day but am planning around not managing that as there are 5 of us.

Thanks in advance, Brizz

I believe both Pandora rides are open whenever they open for rope drop (most people just opt for FOP). Last year at this time, my friend and I got to AK about an hour before opening (I think). It wasn’t an extra magic hour morning, because we were staying offsite. I watched the Touring Plans video on the process: We were near the front of the lines for security and tap in (but got caught behind kids in a stroller).

We basically walked right onto FOP and when we got off, we walked right on to Navi River, so it was definitely open. I think we were done with both by the time the park officially opened.

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When we went in June we arrived at 8:05 for an 8:00 EMH. No lines at security and walked right on NRJ. Then we did Dinosaur and two rides on EE (Rider Switch) before the park officially opened at 9. Had we arrived before rope drop we probably could have gotten another attraction in. I believe it was a CL 7 or 8. The only qualifier was that last June almost every day was EMH, so I am not sure if that had an effect.


I saw the video too and I am tempted to try for both, I probably would if I was on my own, but I don’t know how long it will take us to get to AK (I’ve heard buses from POR aren’t great) and as we’ve never been before and don’t know where we’re going I can see us falling a bit too far towards the back of the rope drop pack…