Navi River and Pandora FP question

This may be a stupid question but best check…

Animal Kingdom has the 2 groups of FP. If I get a FP for Navi River which I then use can I try for a FP for Pandora on the day or do I have to wait to use all my other FP in the other group first?

We only have a day in AK and would love to do both but I don’t think we will RD to get one done early as we want to stay for the show at then end of the day as that looks amazing also for our kids 12 and 9 to see.

Have I got my priorities right?

You would need to use all 3 FPs before trying to get one for the other tier 1 ride.

Flight of Passage is one of the hardest FPs to book, beaten only by Slinky Dog @DHS.

Are you staying onsite? Getting an FP for Flight of Passage on your 3rd or 4th day is possible, but earlier than that is tough.

I thought it probably worked like that but couldn’t see easily so always worth asking.

We are staying at Wyndham Disney springs so have got my FP booked at 60 days.

At present I have FP for Navi River at 11 just after we arrive, then kali River at 1240 and Kilamanjaro Safari at 530.

Maybe will have to decide on day if we queue up or see if any FP available

Book all 3 FP early and then look for the same day drops for FOP.


What you can do is try modifying your Navii FP and see if FoP comes up. If it does you can switch.

This only works with the Navii FP, since that is the other tier 1 ride.

Watch out for changing park hours, as that will release FPs for the extra hour(s).

Can’t speak for ROL. It has now been updated, but everything depends on the wall of water that they project onto. If that isn’t good, the projections will fail.

And from reports from those that know about the technology, they haven’t used enough water jets in this show to get a consistently good wall effect. Fantasmic is how it needs to be done, ROL has waaaay too few.

I think most people would say ride FoP rather than see ROL. Let’s see what others say when they come online!

But you can also jump in line for FoP after the ROL show. As long as you’re in line before park closing you can ride.

I’ve never seen RoL or Navi. I did do FoP, and you don’t want to miss it.

100%!!! I also love Na’vi River and would not want to miss it! I opted for FOP for my FP+ and will just wait in line for Na’vi. And likely do standby for FOP towards the end of the night even if missing ROL. I loved the previous version and am not thrilled with what I have seen of the new character-heavy version (the water not making a fully connecting arc and cutting off the top of the projections in what I saw not helping matters). The FOP queue is super well themed and well worth seeing (you miss pretty much all of it in the FP+ line).

I would caution that if ROL is at closing, I am not sure you could see it and then get in line as they are far apart, crowds, and if at closing then technically the park would be closed.

Definitely try everything you can to get FoP FFPs. It was our best ride experience of our WDW visit last month. I got mine luckily when I happened to be playing around in my MDE and my FPP window opened at 70 days not 60. I was able to book FoP on our first day of our trip and 7DMT for another day. This glitch rarely happens but it allowed for less stress planning the rest of the trip. We wanted to ride FoP again on the day we were at AK but the “drops” never happened probably because the attraction when offline for a time.

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I definitely agree that you should prioritize getting a FOP FP. It is simply a tremendous, stunning, amazing ride.

As far as I can tell, there’s only one downside to getting a FOP FP- as soon as you’re off the ride, you’ll be obsessed with figuring out how to get another one!

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We were just at AK last month with my two kiddos, age 11. We didn’t do ROL so I can’t comment on that, but FOP was hands down their favorite ride at AK.

We rope dropped FOP and it wasn’t a crazy rope drop. Calm, structured, and we had time outside of the turnstiles to go to the restroom, put on sunscreen, etc. We loved FOP and everyone agreed we were happy with how RD went and felt like it was totally worth it.

We ended up picking up a same day drop for a FOP fastpass later, which was amazing, so I think you could try that.
BUT, if it were me, I would do rope drop FOP, ride Navi, Everest and others in the morning time when it’s not as crowded. See what you want to see, then take a break out of the park and come back for Rivers of Light. Unless you are up late the night before, I think an open and close day (with an out of the park break) is totally doable.