Na'vi River 23 mins? Really?

My optimized plan for Saturday 6/10 has me hitting Na’vi River at 9:30 with a 23 minute wait. Seems like every day at that time its been at least 90 mins. I don’t have FP+ for it. Thoughts?

I think there are currently errors with AK touring plans. Mine looked good a few weeks ago, but right now the times all seem messed up.

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My thought is the initial craziness with Pandora opening last week is going to mess the TP times up a bit and they may not be what we’re used to for a few weeks. Hopefully it will acclimate soon. However, I truly hope that 23 minute wait holds true for you!!

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They are doing an update in 2 days. Hopefully that fixes it.


Posted and predicted times have been way off on the app at times.

On the TP app or MDE app? Underinflated or overinflated?

The MDE app shows it around 90 mins at that time.

Yes, I think my TP is overly optimistic about the Avatar ride wait times. Without a FP, I would plan to hit at rope drop, rather than 9:30. Are you also trying to ride flight of passage?

The TP app has been off. For example saying not to ride it at 7:15 because lines will be shorter at 10:45am…

TP bases its predictions on large data sets. It will be a month or more before there is enough data to make accurate predictions. I’d just look at posted times.

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The problem is that TPs reported times have been wrong. You have to look at MDE. There was a post the other night asking if FoP was really under 20 minutes (the TP reported posted time). The posted time was over two hours. There is a very weird glitch.

Personally, I believe that until they have enough data to post even close predictions, TP should just leave the Pandora attractions off the list - or else just clone the MDE numbers…

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Does anyone know if there is still a glitch in the tp times, or has this been updated now?

Glitch? I don’t think there’s any kind of “glitch”. There’s simply not enough data yet to be able to calculate accurate predictions.

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I would say when the TP app tells you the posted time is less than 30 minutes when the posted time is actually in the hours- there has been a glitch.

There was an error with walking times, but it has been fixed as of a couple days ago.


I would say that an asterisk or some other indicator on those new TP estimates times should be there to show the times are not backed with as much data as other rides.

If someone is new to using Plans and visiting Disney, thinking you are going to spend 30 minutes and end up using 90 minutes or more on 2 rides at RD can really put a kink in your hose.

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Tagging @len. I agree that it would be a good idea to note brand new attractions in some way so newbies will know that the TP data is still being gathered. It seems obvious to us, but sometimes people don’t know what’s new.

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Maybe a too late for the OP, but for those trying to gauge what is really happening in Pandora, people in the chat on the app have been great about posting live updates about their RD, FP and SB experiences and wait times. I plan to return the favor when we are there in a week and a half.

I agree that it is inconvenient the way it is now, but not necessarily TPs fault. With new rides and no data, it is impossible to predict what the wait times would actually be. I suspect the wait times are pretty accurate for what the rides are, typical loading times, etc. they just can’t account for the fact that the masses are still all heading to Pandora because it is brand new.