National Archives: Timed entry or docent-led tour?


The National Archives offers a timed entry for self-guided touring of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence... but their website also lists a 1-hour docent-guided tour, held only once a day for 15 people.

Anyone know if the docent-led tour is worth it?


Go with the docent-led your. Most guided tours give you more insight to what you are seeing. I haven't been to the archives yet.


When I went in December, the timed entry was just letting people in at certain intervals so as not to overwhelm the rotunda where the documents are housed with tons of people. I found it very interesting to look at those documents, but it is really just looking at them and reading the information plaques beside them. (The Declaration is so faded -you really can't make too much out).

I don't know how much the docent-led tour would be, but I imagine that if this is really something that you are interesting in it would be really cool.