Nassau Excursions - Pearl Island?

I’m waiting on the new UG for Cruises in March but in the interim thought I’d check to see if anyone here has done the Pearl Island excursion. The girls’ requests were parasailing and snorkeling both of which can be done at Castaway Cay and I am kinda wanting to just stay on the boat at Nassau for a ship day with low crowds. But if Pearl Island is awesome I’d take them over there for some more snorkeling.

I don’t want to stay on the main island for sure and we’ve done Aquatica.

I haven’t been there, but found this posting on Cruise Critic:

Posted November 11, 2021

My friend and I did Pearl Island in September. It was a nice day. About 15 minute boat ride from the port; it’s a small island. There were lots of available chairs around the cove which had kayaks, paddleboards and a water trampoline. The cove is roped off so you can’t go too far. There are nice views from the top of the lighthouse…possibly 4-5 stories high. Lunch was delicious. We were the first visitors in 18 months and they were very happy to see us. There are also private cabanas to rent; we chose to stick with the included chairs.

For me, it was either this excursion or staying on the ship (Edge)…since we had other seadays, I chose this excursion and was happy I did.

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Just a caution that I would not get hopes too high for parasailing at Castaway. It’s been cancelled for at least part of the day every time I have been there - and recently it has been due to the people who run it not being able to get there or adequately staff them. (The parasailing is not done by DCL but a Bahamian company.)

You could get luckym but just know there is a high likelihood of it being cancelled.

Yup, this has always happened to me. It got cancelled on my honeymoon in Bora Bora along with our helicopter ride due to wind and it got cancelled last time I was in Castaway Cay for wind as well. I’m used to it but I keep trying. I’ve never got to do it yet. :sob:

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