Nassau Atlantis excursion timing

I’m interested in the cruises that go to Nassau and think I’d want to get off the ship and do the DCL Atlantis Aquaventure excursion. I do see how it’s cheaper if you don’t take the DCL excursion but am worried about safety getting to and from the resort otherwise. I am wondering if you can actually do a lot of things at Atlantis and be back in time for 2:30 pm departure. It seems like all of the DCL cruises I’ve read about had 7:30 am - 2:30 pm as their Nassau time and Aquaventure doesn’t open until 9 or 10. I would really appreciate anyone’s insight about this. When we do a water park we typically stay until late afternoon. I’m also very interested in the Cloisters that I’ve read are close by to Atlantis but again am worried about the safety issue. Also it seems to me that other cruise lines offer more time in Nassau. Thanks!

We were interested in visiting Atlantis when our Princess CL stopped in Nassau in the Spring of 2014… I did some research and found that most water park attractions didn’t open until 11am. This did not afford enough time. So we passed on the excursion because of the cost and short stay at Atlantis. If you are considering, I would double check the actual opening time of the water park’s attractions not just the park’s opening time. I’d consider a snorkeling excursion instead.

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I think the RC Blog is a great resource on excursions in Nassau. I decided to stay on the ship but I did consider Resort for the Day. Although they even have Atlantis the Colonial Hilton is within walking distance from the port.