Narcossees or citricos?

Which of the two r better for a nice meal. Good service , good selection and tolerant of kids .

We chose Narcossees. Our guys are 12 and 14, but sometimes they act like their 8 and 10! Anyway, they were very nice and the food was very good. We were struggling between the same two, but in the end, we decided that we liked the Narcossees menu better.

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Can’t really go wrong with either of them - I prefer the food and ambience at Citricos but both are excellent and welcoming to children

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Both are good, but I was much more impressed with the food and ambiance at Citrico’s.

Ooooo difficult choice! We ate at both on our holiday. We’d booked our ADR for Narcoosee’s at 180 days but only booked Citricos two days before because we’d enjoyed that stop so much on the Highway in the Sky dine around experience. Food was absolutely delicious at both, really special atmospheres, we even could see the fireworks from our table in Citricos over the rooftops of the hotel. Service fantastic at both. I think the menu at Narcoosee’s is maybe better for youngsters. And they can go out onto the front to watch the fireworks if you’re there over that time.

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The atmosphere at Narcoossee’s is more “casual” (as is the menu) than Citrico’s, and as said above, you get a good, if distant, view of the fireworks (with music piped in) from the deck.

The calamari and DW’s seafood pasta were both excellent. My steak wasn’t bad, but wasn’t as good as I have had at other signatures (I guess that’s what I get for ordering steak in a primarily seafood restaurant) :slight_smile:

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Thank u everyone for all your help. I think the kid factor helps me decide too.

My husband and I are debating between these two as part of our magic kingdom day. He will be playing golf in the afternoon, while I spend the whole day at magic kingdom. The plan is to meet up at Fort wilderness, where we are staying, eat dinner outside the park and then head back to the park to watch fireworks. I was thinking of these two because the grand Floridian is so beautiful. Would one be a better spot for a couple? Is either particularly more convenient for transportation? We will probably have about an hour and a half from our adr time to when we would like to be back in the park. Is one more suited to that schedule?

They’re really pretty equal on all counts but with different ambience and menus. Citrico’s is a bit more “formal”, and I like the food better. Narcoossee’s specializes in seafood; if that’snot what you want, then I would probably go with Citrico’s. You really can’t go wrong with either…

Do you know more about transport? I know narcoossee’s is at the boat launch and citrico’s is more convenient to the monorail. If we are heading back to MK after dinner, is one mode of transport speedier than the other?

The monorail usually comes more frequently. And if you are eating later, you can run into the Electrical Water Pageant, which stops the boats from passing until it passes. But that is usually after 9pm.

Citrico’s is in the main building, Narcoossee’s is in it’s own building right at the water - but it’s only about a 5 minute walk to the main building. The boat launch is about the same distance (in a different direction). If getting back to the MK is your goal, the mono would probably be the better option as it runs more frequently and take less time.

FWIW, the GF boat stops at the Poly before heading to the MK, which is what makes the monorail the faster choice going to MK. Boating back to the GF is usually faster as its the first stop and typically has small lines so you’ll catch the next boat (except at park close).

The walk to the monorail is negligible compared to the time to dock and load at the Poly.