Narcosee dinner question

My very picky 12 year old son does not like the look of the Narcosee adult menu. There’s nothing on there that he would eat. However, he noticed that the kids’ menu (for 9 and under) had chicken tenders on it and that’s his go-to food.

Is there any chance they would do an adult portion of something on the kids’ menu? I don’t mind an adult price, I just want to be able to have all of us enjoy what we want at the restaurant. If not, I need to keep moving and pick somewhere else.

I don’t know for sure, but my experience in general at Disney resorts, is that if they can do it, then they will. I am sure they could double up the kids portion for you. I too have a picky eater and we have eaten at the hotel restaurants and order fries & nuggets when it wasn’t even on the menu. I discovered that the if the have it on the room service menu, then we could get it for our child since it is from the same kitchen.

That’s what I’d hope for. Do they care if whomever orders from the ‘kids’ menu’ is under or over 9? We’re paying for the meals, it’s not on a dining plan.

My understanding is that if it’s not a buffet, or a DP meal, anyone can order off the children’s menu.

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