Napa Rose party of 8

I want to make an ADR for 10/10 at Napa Rose for a party of 8, but nothing is coming up. Should I make 2 fours then call to have them combined, or just call in the first place? What time do the phone lines open?

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I would do this.

Also YAY for Napa Rose!!!

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I was able to make one reservation and now there’s no availability for the other one except for 2 hours later. I tried calling and the CM said they don’t have a dedicated team for dining anymore and I have to use the website or app. “Thanks for calling! Bye!” And she hung up. That was not helpful. Did I read somewhere that resort guests have their own dining availability? Maybe calling the hotel directly? This is dumb.


I am not sure about your questions. I only remember feeling like the dining situation/adr process at DLR was silly.

I was able to get 2 tables at 7:30. It’s later than I would have preferred, but it’ll do.


If you are staying onsite, then there is a theoretical booking advantage for restaurants in the onsite hotels, but the most I can find right now is “check back soon” from the Disney Parks blog post about returning onsite guest perks at DL. I think trying to get a hold of the concierge desk may be your best bet.

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Thank you!