Napa Rose - any dress code?

After reading the description of the Napa Rose Restaurant at the Grand Californian, it sounded very good and while expensive, not ridiculous in price. I am leaning towards giving it a try on our arrival day in August, but saw nothing one way or the other about a dress code. Given it says nothing at either Touring Plans or the DIS site, I’m presuming a coat and tie are not required, does anyone know for sure?

Just looking at the photos on Disney’s site, no one is wearing a coat and tie. But the men are wearing typical long sleeved dress shirts (some without a tie). Unlike Victoria and Albert’s at WDW, there is no explicit dress code mentioned on their site. Therefore, I think you’re good with just pants and a dress shirt. But I admit I’ve never been there.

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Thanks - good idea to check out the pics. I guess in the end I may call just to make sure as going in August I’m not sure if I’d pack pants for the trip other than for this meal. But shorts may be frowned upon…

I just now looked at TP’s page about Napa Rose, and it says dressy casual. . I know that’s still vague. Would they allow dress shorts and a collared shirt?

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Thanks - somehow I missed the “dressy casual” description on the right - just read the main text for some reason. Hard to say what “dressy casual” is - to me shorts would likely work, but for others perhaps not…

I googled it as well and got mixed results. The Disney Moms site had something from early '16 saying business casual was fine, but they talked to a CM who indicated “no shorts were allowed”. Of course another site had older data (circa 2010) with folks talking about eating there with people in T-Shirt & Shorts. Now perhaps they changed policy since then?

Sounds like packing at least one pair of decent pants is likely wise just to be safe…

I think in previous years the term “park casual” was used. It sort of implied that shorts and T-shirts were OK because who brings a sport coat to Disneyland? I’m glad to hear that they have changed to “dressy casual.” If you were going to the finest restaurant in your home town, what would you wear?

Napa Rose really is a fine dining experience, and dressing up just a little seems more appropriate for the venue. When my wife and I ate there, she wore a nice dress while I wore a dress shirt and jacket. It certainly made dinner more special for us! At least 85% of our fellow guests had dressed up in some fashion. Those in shorts and T-shirts seemed out of place. Just my opinion . . .

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Thanks for sharing your experience there. I’m leaning towards just going with a polo and pants which should be a step above “park casual” at least. I Don’t get the sense that it is worth bringing a jacket on the flight just for this if it’s not required. It sounds like a great dining experience and frankly the price wasn’t as outlandish as I was expecting given the description on Touring Plans as “best restaurant in Orange County”.

That combination will work. BTW the menu is always changing at Napa Rose so what I had (and loved) may not be available. I had the short rib as an entree (fork tender), and a salad with green beans, apples, almonds, and veal that was a perfect blend of flavors! Bon appetit!

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We just ate there last Sunday (June 11) and we had shorts & nice tops on. I think you’d call it ‘resort casual’.

The menu was amazing.

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Thanks - that’s comforting to hear that if I manage to forget long pants, they’ll still serve us…