Names of party for free EP at RPR

When you get your EP credentials at Royal Pacific, are they marked in a way with the names of your party? My party has changed since I made the reservation. I would call, but they don’t have a UK number and apparently they don’t answer quickly.

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They’re hotel room keys, so as long as the names on the reservation are correct you’ll be good. You can update these at check in or you could try emailing


When I’ve booked at the EP room, only my name was on reservation. At check in, I gave my name and the names of my party, and they gave a room key for each of us.


Same here. Only my name on reservation, they asked for the other name at check in.

Curious amd maybe someine jere knows If staying in a premier hotel do all staying in your room get a EP? We have a family of 5 in one room…wondering if they cap the number?

It’s however many you have registered to the room.


Capped by limitations of the room size.


Thanks! Thats what I thought but was confused when its in my cart and says 2 adult +1 child instead of 4 adults + 1 child.

That sounds odd. I think it should show the full number you’re registering?

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Thats what i thought …i tried getting a hold of someone but no luck. Waiting on an emaiIl response before I commit. Was wonderimg if the rules changed

Editted to add snapshot of cart

That is weird. I haven’t heard of the rules changing, and it would be odd if they did.

I will def post when and if I get comfirmation one way or another.


And you’re sure it’s showing 4 adults on the room reservation?

Yup…just checked it again to be sure. I even took it out of the cart and re did it several times to try it agin :thinking:

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I’m going to be at HRH in 3 weeks and will be testing how this works. I need to add 1 adult to my original reservation and haven’t been able to do it online without losing my AP room rate (it makes me rebook with the revised party). Same thing when calling in. So I’ll be trying it at the front desk when I check in. :crossed_fingers: Others have said they were able to change their party at the front desk but we’ll see.


I’m bookmarking that screenshot and telling the front desk it was me if they don’t let me make the change I need to.

Because Jeff is obviously a nickname for Matthew and the UK is a subdivision in AZ that has a bizarre HOA that prohibits free long distance! Got it! :crazy_face:


Also three weeks isn’t August, or is time travel one of the quirks of this UK region of AZ? :wink::rofl:

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Yes. It’s part of the weird DST loop they’re in! :joy:

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