Name in MDE

Strange question for you guys; does the name in MDE have to be my exact name?
Could I remove my first name and only use my middle name? Would it lead to problems linking reservations, because obviously they are in my real name.

The reason I am asking is because my (very Norwegian) name is very difficult to pronounce for Americans, and I would like to end the suffering CM have when they are calling my name for ADR’s and such. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think it needs to be in your Legal Name. So what is shown on your passport and identification.
If it is you that is the main person doing the reservations etc they may require ID on check in and need it to match the reservation.

I’d keep your real name and track which CMs are able to successfully pronounce! :wink:

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I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I can assure you that they are used to seeing difficult to pronounce names but they do a good job trying and you might even be surprised at how many get it right!

@quattro just for the record we never had to show ID for any of our eleventy hundred ADR’s.


Thanks! I’ll just keep it as it is then. Or maybe make reservations with hubbys MDE. Or maybe even just look at CM when they come to call our name. The one with a look of complete desperation is always for me…

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Thanks outer! :smile: I thought I read somewhere on my room res about legal names matching or some sort. Not so much for adrs.

Oh yea you do have to show ID at checkin.

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