Nail Art Ideas

My awesome sister is making me some custom nail art and we have this idea to do different color backgrounds with black silhouette art representing all the different areas of MK so we have a tiki mask for Adventureland, horseshoe for Frontierland, a castle silhouette, an old fashioned lamppost for Main Street, the Liberty Bell for Liberty Square, and an atom for Tomorrowland but can’t really think of what would be good for Fantasyland. I need simple items that I can find cool black silhouette-type clip art for.

Any ideas for any of the “lands” would be super helpful!

Dumbo is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Fantasyland :slight_smile:

That’d be great but I forgot to mention that it can’t be anything overtly Disney for copyright reasons.

Ohhhh : ( A Big Top or a diamond?

I like the idea of a big top.

A fork (think dinglehopper)… still thinking

Just to include other from chat… trident, hook, mermaid (per Dopey4Ever), a honey pot, tea pot (or tea cup)…

Maybe I should get a Fantasyland set, so many great suggestions!!!

I had saved these from the Disney blog website last year. Maybe some ideas here. :smiley: Good luck!


Finally got it all finished!