MyDVC Account (name mix up)

Anyone here know about MyDVC? Here’s my situation…a friend is letting us buy her points. She always calls in to make reservations and has never used MyDVC and did not have an account. She does not want to make the reservations for me, so she gave me her info and told me to just call in and pretend to be her. I hate calling in, and LOVE surfing for reservations online, so…

I tried to log in to MyDVC with my own info from MDE, but it didn’t work, so I decided to create a “fake” account that I could use and cancel when I was done. I called in and got the activation code, and somehow when I finished, it had my name/profile with my friend’s membership # (long story how I messed that up!).

So now I have a MyDVC account in my name, my email, and with my friend’s DVC membership #. I will be the only one using the points until after 2021, so I’m thinking maybe it’s ok to leave it like this.

Any thoughts? Will I be able to make reservations, etc? Or should I call DVC and have it changed to her name?

Any help/advice would be great! Thanks!

Oh wow. My DVC login is the same as all my other log ins. Did you do that here?

Yes. I was going to create it in my friend’s name with a new email I had created just for this, but apparently it defaulted to my MDE login, and I didn’t realize it until I had finished.

@Nickysyme,do you have any ideas?

As an owner- this would scare me but I have always controlled all of my Disney accounts online.

How did you do this?

Well if the owner literally gave her all of the information and said “go ahead” it seems fine to me! Is the owner aware? I don’t think there is a Disney issue.

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Yeah, I should probably just call and get it changed to her just to be safe.

This is actually my mom’s friend, and she seems to feel the same as my parents do about avoiding online options. They would much rather call in and have someone handle it for them.

When we travel, I control the MDE accounts for my parents and my in-laws, because I make everyone’s reservations all at the same time when they go with us. They don’t like to plan, and I don’t want anyone messing up the plans I have so carefully made.

If she has an o line account you could be listed as an associate member. You could control points but not have any benefits. Someone will need to call and say that is what you were trying to do.

I just called and said I was setting up an online account for my DVC. She asked for all my info and then gave me two different codes to enter and it was done.

Like I said, you want to be listed as an associate on her account.

That sounds perfect! Thank you!

:flushed: I don’t understand how someone can own DVC and not have an online account. How do they see their dues or reservations?

That apart, even though the friend gave them all their info, the DVC account needs to have the correct owner listed. And the owner will now need to call and get this sorted out. And that means they will now have an online account, although they can still do everything by phone.

Being added as an associate would give the OP the right to make reservations and bank points. If the owner is happy with that then that would allow the OP to book.

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I guess it’s a very old account - pre-internet? anyway…I will give her a call and get it sorted out. Thanks for the advice!

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Someone I work with is close with a DVC owner and does this ALL THE TIME.

There’s nothing wrong with it if the owner is okay with it

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Phoning in is one thing, but having a DVC account with the wrong name attached to it is another though.

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Oh yes. I meant about the phoning.


Ok, so I just went back in and everything under the profile is the owner’s info (including their email address), and it only lets me do certain things - when I clicked on “my annual dues”, it says I am not authorized to see this info (as though I am an associate). When I log in, it is my name and password from MDE, and it says, my name at the top, but everything else is in their name.

Now I am not quite as worried. It does worry me a bit that I was able to so easily create a log in for myself, but I guess I did have all the info. I will give her a call, and explain what happened, and then call and figure out if everything is ok on the Disney end, but wanted a little more info before I did. Thanks!

Just so you know, every time I log into my DVC account I get an email that someone has logged in. I would be curious if that will happen when you log into her account?


I get an email when I log in, but I see her email is on there too, so I’ll ask her.

She has been getting the emails, and wasn’t at all worried (kids are grown, and I think they are ready to let someone use it for a while, esp during COVID). I told her I will switch it to her name, and we will make me an associate. We’ll see how that all goes… I’ll call first thing in the morning, and hope it’s not a long wait. This afternoon, the wait was over 45 mins, so I hung up.

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