MyDisneyExperience weirdness

I just got a notification that my room was ready. We are not in Orlando and we do not have any kind of Disney Reservation. When I go into the app there are no reservations, tickets or anything linked to my account.

What is weird is we were suppose (pre-pandemic) go this coming week to WDW. We never made any reservations or made any plans due to the pandemic. Just weird and a little freaky.


This happened to other folks who had bookings during the closure. It’s almost like there’s a ghost reservation there or something. Whatever it is it’s just plain mean


Right?? So mean!!

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It would be really mean if you got a bill for the room too :expressionless:

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That is the part that is freaking me out a little.

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Sorry :frowning: Just check your statements. Here’s the number for GS Billing just incase: 407-828-5630

We don’t have any credit cards on file with the app for either of our accounts. Not sure how they would be able to charge us anyway. So we should be good. Probably just a ghost reservation like obnurse said.

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It’s the ghost of Disney future