My Universal Photos questions

Reading through the Unofficial Guide section on the My Universal Photos and I’m a little confused about what needs to be done.,

If you purchase the My Universal Photos in advance, do you still need to visit the photo kiosks at the exits of attractions to find and connect up your photos? Do you still need to stop by the photo store before leaving to have special effects characters layered into the images? Do you still need to stop in at the photography shop near the front to activate the package on your first day there?

I’m considering purchasing the photo package even though I know there aren’t that many photographers in UF, but that level of management seems very time-consuming.

If you pre-purchase the package, yes, you do have to get it activated when you first arrive. You also do need to visit the kiosks to add your pictures after the rides, but this never took me more than about 30 seconds. At the different character stops, you will give them the card before they take the picture and it will be automatically added on there. The pictures will automatically have the various backgrounds or character overlays on them when you access them. You do not need to make an extra stop for this. I know people get down on the process, but I have honestly never found it to be problematic and I have used it twice now.

perfect explanation. We did the same thing. Buying pre park was cheaper for us

So adding on to this line of questioning…is it really worth it? I mean, are there enough photographers to make it worth while or will most pictures be ride/package pictures that require extra fees (granted you are getting a discount over not having the photo package to begin with). I am a scrapbooker and usually buy ride photographs one time for each ride as long as they come out good - but I am turned off by the price of ride pictures lately. I also take lots of personal pictures with characters and of scenery. I have seen some of the pictures from Disney with special effect characters inserted but I haven’t seen universal’s. I am interested in hearing from people who bought this package and whether they loved it or regretted it.

One other concern I have. I will be visiting Universal for 3 days but not consecutively. It seems the only options for the photo package is 3 days consecutively or 14 days. Bummer. Am I missing anything? Any way to do 3 days within a 7 day week but not consecutively?

Personally, I love photos, and for me it was worth it, but I did buy a discounted package. I like ride photos and I really enjoyed the various meet and greet photos with the Transformers, Shrek, the Penguins, etc. I always hate when people ask if something is “worth it”, because it’s so subjective, and I feel like I have to really “sell” the idea. If you are hoping to have hundreds of photos, you will be disappointed. I had about 90 over the course of 4 days, with many of those being different poses at the entrances and near Hogwarts. You get a couple prints free as part of the package. Personally, I would not buy any extras, even though you get a discount, because I would just download them and print them cheaper elsewhere.

I don’t think so. However, if you have some time before your trip, I would constantly check back to see if they are running a special. They seem too frequently run discounted 5-day packages that are a much better value.

Thanks, Rebeecky. Yes, I think I’ll wait and watch for deals. The actual days of the week that I will be at Universal (week after Labor Day) are still not set in stone anyway.
I also know what you mean about “worth it” questions. But when you ask it, you get people’s perspective if they have stong opinions about “yes” or “no”. So I ask. That’s why I mentioned I am a scrapbooker. Obviously pictures are a VERY important part of my trip.

Thanks for your reply…

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I’ve got another photo package question. If you have purchased a package (1,3 or 14 day) and accumulate a bunch of pictures (from photogs, from rides, from whatever), are they yours to print out AFTER you get home?
I mean, I know you get a couple printed as part of the package and I know you probably need to stop by at a photo stand to have any “special characters” inserted, but once all that is done, do they get uploaded somewhere so that you can print them at home (whether on your own printer or at Walmart or somewhere). I assume so but thought I’d ask…

And one other thing I’m not clear about. If you have purchased the photo package, are there any extra charges for any of the photos - like the ride photos? Are there any photos that you have to pay extra for? Not to have printed but to have them included and added to your card?

Thanks for any info…

FYI to anyone interested, there is currently a sale on the photo packages going on!

The pictures will get automatically added on to the app, which I keep on my phone. All of the banners and borders are already added. I have been able to print them out without any problem. There is no cost for any other digital pictures; they are all included in the package. The only thing I’m aware of that incurs an extra cost is if you want the video off of Rip Ride Rockit. Also, if you want to purchase prints at the park, that is an extra cost, but it’s discounted if you have the photo package.

Thank you, rebeecky. I’ve just about decided on the 3 day package. However, the sale must have been short because when i click on the link, the prices are the same as they used to be. $90 for the 3-day.

OK. Isee that a 5-day Summer MUP is only $60. But I can’t find the cut off dates anywhere! I am going 9/9-9/15. Do you know if this summer package is still good for those dates?

In case anyone is reading this thread and interested, I finally got through to Amazing Pictures and they answered my questions. Yes, the summer sale is good to use the package whenever you go to the parks (next year if that be the case). SO the 5-day package for $60 is a great deal! I’m buying it right after posting this!

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Having returned from my trip, my opinion is that the photo package is worth it IF:

  • you buy it on sale
  • you would normally spend extra money on ride photos

otherwise, you can just do as well with your own camera and save the money. Universal is missing the boat here and could boost the photo popularity to Disney level is they just had more photographers taking pictures at more opportune moments throughout the park. They don’t.

I totally agree!! They really need to add more photographers!

The raptor encounter was amazing! Thankfully there was a man there that took pics on my phone which are the best we got at Universal.

Also there were a couple of times they couldn’t find my ride photo and one set of photos didn’t even make it to our app at all.

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I am copying this from another thread. I feel your pain Stewart136!

I should add to my assessment that the ride photos plus the few photogs in the park make it worth it at the sale price, We got some great photos. But many of the photos of characters along the street (Betty Boop, Doc Brown, Beetlejuice, Homer & Bart Simpson, Gru & girls, even Bunblebee) were with our own camera, not an official Universal photographer. So those pictures are great too, but how awesome it wold have been to have them included in the package, Their borders and backgrounds are awesome…when they are included. This is where Universal misses out on making their photo package worth buying and an exceptional value. I highly recommend this package…only when it is on sale!