"My Universal Photos" and app?

I last bought and used a My Universal Photos package and the accompanying app, Amazing Pictures, in 2019. I’m looking into purchasing a photo package again for my upcoming trip but I can no longer find the Amazing Pictures app in the app store. Has anyone bought and used the My Universal Photos package recently with an accompanying app?

I have the app but I got it a while ago and I can’t log in anymore. I wonder if that’s the reason I can’t log in when I can log in to the website no issues.

I had previously kept the app on my phone from my 2019 trip but when I tried to open it a few months ago, I got a message that it was no longer supported or something like that. Hence, I deleted it from my phone, assuming that a new app was being used. But I was surprised to see it’s still being listed as the app to use on the main Universal Orlando website.

Without the app, which website did you use to access your photos? If the app doesn’t work, were you able to use your phone’s browser to look at your photos or could you only do so from a computer?

I use Home - Universal Studios

I can access on phone and desktop

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