My UnBirthday Consolation Trip March 6-12

I’m off for a trip to the World I had been thinking about for a few weeks, but only booked last week. My Birthday Disney Fantasy 7-day eastern Caribbean Cruise in concierge for May was just canceled, my April trip for Star Wars Race Weekend (both 2020 and 2021, now that I think about it) was canceled, and my thought to wait until I got the coronavirus vaccination collided with the slow roll-out in my state (though my DH just got his appointment scheduled so that helps me feel good about this, it turns out).

So, despite me deciding after my December 2020 trip with DD22 that I would not visit Disney World again until after COVID, it turns out that I am officially declaring that an UnDecision to go along with my UnBirthday, UnCruise, unRunDisney trip.

I had been stalking the DVC site, with the intention to pare down my December 2021 reservations to free up enough points for a March trip. I have not stayed in my home resort AKL Jambo since last February 2020 for the Princess Race Weekend, and so ache to stay there. At the time I booked, I could only get 3 nights in a Savanna view studio, so I booked the 1st night in a BWV Boardwalk view studio, and 2 nights in a Polynesian Lake view studio – I am SO excited to stay at the Poly which I’ve never done and of course dreamed of since childhood when I first set eyes on it.

My Annual Pass was extended through the end of March, I think my Tables in Wonderland card is also good through this month, I had enough credits on Southwest from canceled flights to cover the ticket, and I’ve got a refund coming on my Disney Visa card from the cruise deposit, so all of my food and shopping should be covered. Not to mention a bunch of Disney Visa rewards from all the Christmas shopping DD and I did in December.

So this is another kind of unusual Disney trip: an UnCostly one (or so I convinced DH to get him to smile when I asked him if he minded that I do it).

I’m packed, checked in on Southwest, DH will drive me to the airport for my 8am flight (see, no cost?!), and have just 2 more work meetings by Zoom this afternoon. I’ve got a few ADRs but may just dine mostly at the food booths at Flower and Garden, we’ll see! I have a list of the food booths I will not miss, some ideas for gifts and purchases, some favorite things to see and do, but not much of a plan besides that.

So I have no idea what kind of a trip report this will be, but it probably will be full of surprises :slight_smile:


YAY! Have a great time!!!


Wouldn’t it be, of necessity, an UnReport?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Have a Magical Trip!!!
Safe travels tomorrow!!
Looking forward to following along!!


Safe travels! Looking forward to seeing the unTrouble you get yourself into with a rather unPlan of a trip!


Yay!! Can’t wait to follow along!


I’m Un-following!!! er … following. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hope you have the best time!


I’ve got no witty reply so I’ll just say have a fabulous time! So excited to follow along!!


Ok one last trip report. I keep trying to busy myself with other life things but you guys keep dropping trip reports and I can’t stay away!

Looking forward to your untrip report.


This sounds amazing! Have a great trip!


Excited to follow along. Have a great trip!


Trip reports help me get through my unwork days! So excited for you! Have an unfabulous, unbirthday, unadventure!


First surprise of the trip: I discovered as I was packing my tech this morning that my Fitbit seems to have died. I’ve not been using is since I know the distances of my different walking and running routes, and hadn’t thought to check it.

So this will now be a UnStepcount, UnMileage trip report :upside_down_face:

DH dropped me off at the airport — no traffic on our quick drive — and I’m here in plenty of time for the 7:30 boarding


I’ve been trying the ROTR BG process this week when i think of it before 7am — I’m at about 50% success. This morning I got the Red Bar of Denial. I am fine with not riding this trip — I’ve done it a bunch — but I would be stressing if I were trying for my family or friends!


Yay!!! It’s here it’s here!!! Safe flight this morning. Can’t wait to unfollow along.


Probably others know this, but Public Service Announcement: because this flight is announced as full, the middle seats will not be empty :slightly_frowning_face:

:notes::notes: Off we go into the wild blue yonder :notes::notes:
Bummer about the full plane. That would be off-putting!! :frowning_face:
In light of the dead fitbit, have all the Un!!


That is just unBelievably bad timing!


That sounds unComfortable. :worried: