My Trip, Your Questions, Day 4

8/1-8/16- 4th Day: Going to HS around 1:00. Lunch@ H&V. Having a HS day- No Frozen, I'm saving that 4 2Maro. Dinner reservation at 50`s Cafe. Doing 10:30 Fantasmic. HS open until 12am. Please post any questions here.

You have two HS days? What FPPs did you book each day?

@PrincipalTinker 2star wars 2 toy story, stunt show n movie ride. We had Muppets 4 2maro but changed it to star wars cuz the kids loved it. Saw muppets today with no wait. Did the whole HS today excrpt back lot n beauty n beast. Frozrn is tomarro

Sounds like a great time!