My Trip, your Questions, Day 3

8/1-8/16- 3rd Day: Going to MK around noon. BBB reservation for my DD6 and DD4. CRT reservation at 5:15. TTDP reservation @ 9:20. MK open until 12am. Please post any questions here.

Sounds like a great day. How did it go?

@PianoMinnie It went well. MM was great! Photographers were in BBB n next door. They even took pics with Belle at enchanted tales. CRT was great my 5:15 res allowed to go thru to dessert b4 the Princess came out. So relaxing. Wonderful food too. Crawfish n grits were devine. Beef tenderloin was awesome. Jasmine, Snow white, Aurora n Ariel. Cinderella only in the front but she looked as if she waz in pain n in the pics it shows i wush i knew how to uploas pics properly thru photobucket to share. TTDP desserrs were not that good, wiuld not do it again.