My Trip, Your Questions Day 2

8/1-8/16- 2nd Day: So glad late ckout, 1:00pm was avbl 4 l8r 2day so we could shower. Swimming n exploring at CBR until 3:00. Checking into POR for the rest of my stay, then off to Mickeys BBQ @ FortWilderness. Please post any questions here.

Fyi, the food court is across the resort n a bus is much needed to get there. However, there is a tiny coffee pot in the room.

Pirate room @ CBR is not supposed to let 3 kids 2 adults in but I booked it w/out informing them of my other child. I received 4 Gray MB upon arrival n found someone’s in my room, gave it to front desk. Beds could fit DD6 DD4 n myself with plenty of space.
Pirate Room photo CAM00367_zps2533ffcb.jpg

Room 3829 Trinidad South1st floor is a corner room the water view is obsolete;however, the quiet pool is a 30 second walk. If mousekeeping does not remove them we left some pirate toys in the bible drawer. I bought treasure chest 4 my kiddies filled with pirate stuff. We played find the coins n the winners got Jakennvrland board game which we played by the pool.
Pirates photo CAM00370_zps8f9f4bc3.jpg

I almost forgot… It was so awesome!!! My wake up call was from Olaf!!! I received a text from Garden Grocer that my order is at bell services POR with all cold items in fridge. Yay! Enjoying the pool at CBR for now.

U need towels by the quiet pool but not the main pool with slides. The resort is huge. They send a bus like the ones to the parks over to each section to drive u around it.

Resort Map photo CAM00368_zpsd349ca38.jpg

I will never go back to CBR. The resort is so big it takes half-hour to get to find court, main pool n check in is a different building. Poolsrgreat. No phone reception or internet here either

Fyi, for luggage transportation to another resort we called bell services n they picked up our bags from our room. No need to lug it all the way to the lobby.

Fun details @princessgabor! Thanks fro sharing. :slight_smile:

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Sorry you didn’t like CBR. We really enjoyed it! But we were in Jamaica, just had to cross the bridge and were at the main pool and food court. Never had any problem with phone or internet either. Glad you liked the pool! POR is very large as well, hope you like it better. It reminds me of CBR, with different theming.

Just went to MBBQ. Kids loved it. Food was not the same as two years ago. Bags never got to POR from CBR. when. I get back hopefully it will b there. No use stressing when my kids r smiling. No delivery from Disney florist either. That will be nice to come back to when we get to POR. Garden Grocer Said they delivered my stuff n it was being refrigerated, that was a lie. My stuff was warm n they had to leave it with bell services

Oh no! I hope none of your food spoiled and that your bags arrived at POR. Keep smiling!

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What did you order from Disney florist? Considering this for our next trip.

@Iheartepcot I ordered autograph books, light up tiaras, a mickey hat n snacks. Oh n balloons. It was cheaper NOT to order it in a package. N it was in my room when we came back from dinner. Yay!

@NCDisneyPrincess The bags came an hor after we got back from dinner. Management gave us $100 gc 4 waiting the whole entire day. Yay!