My Trip Report

Hey guys, so we were able to visit UOR a few weeks earlier than planned for a little cheaper, and here is my first ever trip report! Here’s a little background info: we went with four adults total, stayed on property (Cabana Bay), no Express Passes, we didn’t even use a touring plan because the crowds were so low, and it wasn’t a first or second trip for any of us. We were just planning on taking it slow, enjoying the atmosphere, and hitting our favorite rides. We really weren’t in a rush, or feeling overwhelmed with having to see everything.

We left Tuesday night arriving at the hotel at 2:00 in the morning. We knew we’d sleep in, and do what we could when we arrived even if we were allowed early entry.

Wednesday—We ate at the hotel, took the shuttle (there was nobody else in line for it), whizzed through security (it was seriously so fast how security is at UOR now), stopped to take a look at Voodoo Donuts. We already had our tickets so we then arrived at Universal around 10:00am.

I thought for sure the place would already have long lines, but it didn’t. We rode the Mummy twice with a five min. wait, rode Jimmy Fallon (no return time just stand by ten min.), walked around different stores, and ate at Mel’s Diner. We wanted to ride Fast and the Furious but it was down. We then saw Shrek 4D, met Optimus Prime, rode Transformers (five min wait), met Bumblebee, then headed the the Horror and Make Up Show. When we got out, we met Beetlejuice (we’re big fans of the movie) Marge, Bart, and Homer, Gru, and the Scooby Doo gang. We headed for ET (rode twice with a ten minute wait), and the Simpsons Land (twenty min). By now, the time was about 3:30. We headed to Harry Potter, and saw that Fast and the Furious just opened up with a fifteen minute wait time. Since only one of us had seen the franchise, there were really no expectations, but it was great! I really enjoyed it, and thought that the line was really cool to walk through. I didn’t get nauseous at all (a first), and it was just a fun ride to experience. By around 4:30, we were in Diagon Alley drinking Butterbeer and eating snacks, doing spells, taking pics, watching the shows, pretty much enjoying the atmosphere. We went looking in the shops, and rode Escape From Gringotts (which is my favorite ride) twice with a twenty five minute wait, but it was shorter than that. Around 6:30, we decided to head to IOA, so we rode the HE (this line was one of the longest on our entire trip—thirty minutes), and it was a little longer. By the time we got off the train and headed into Hogsmeade, it was closer to 7:30. Forbidden Journey had a five minute wait time, and it really was. I have a love/hate relationship with this ride, as I love to see the atmosphere and how the ride changes (every single time I’ve been on it, it had some change to the ride), but I get nauseous no matter how much medicine I take. When it was finished, we walked around doing spells and shopping. We saw the Hogwarts Lights Show on the castle once, and rode Flight of the Hippogriff while the show was going on at least three times, there was no line! That ride is one I never go on because it’s a little roller coaster, but it was so fun at night. By the time the park closed at 9:00, we went to get dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. It was a great day, and other than FJ, NO motion sickness! For this trip, I was really worried about getting drowsy because Dramamine and Bonine both make me sluggish. I saw online that some adults took kids Dramamine because it has the same stuff in it, but didn’t make them sleepy. I decided to give it a try. I took the kids Dramamine, and wore sea bands. I didn’t feel drowsy or nauseous. Day two coming soon!


Wow, what a great trip! Thanks for posting! I think your report will also help everyone nervous about not having EP!

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Thanks for reading and commenting. This was fun to write! I hope it does calm concerns for people who are visiting. I hope to put up the next day really soon.

Great trip report! Cannot wait to read more!!

Day Two: Thursday

So, for day two, we started out in the early entry at about 8:15. They had just opened Minions just as we were walking passed, so we were about ten people in. We waited, and waited, and waited. The ride broke down, and we were hoping it would be up and running in a few min. However, around 8:45 they announced that it wasn’t going to open, so we left the line. We rode Rip Ride Rocket, took pictures, and walked to MIB. The line was really really short, (5 min) and we rode it twice. I called the Universal restaurant reservations, and reserved a spot at Mythos for 10:30. We then went to Diagon Alley to catch a ride on Gringotts (20 min wait). Then, we headed to HE to catch a ride to IOA. We got to the restaurant around 10:45 because the train line was pretty long. I thought they would say we had to wait because the place was packed, but they seated us right away. The room we were seated in had our table facing the Hulk roller coaster. Our food was delicious, and the view was amazing. This was our first time eating there, but we would do it again! After eating, we decided to go on water rides. We rode JP twice, then headed to Bluto’s Barges with a 5 min wait. I’ve been on this ride many times before, but for this ride I got more soaked than I ever had in the past! We then headed to the Dudley Do Right Falls ride. The line said 50 min, but it really was only 20. We then explored the comic strip land, got a snack, and met Betty Boop while we dried up. We headed to Marvel Land around 3:30. We rode Hulk with a 20 min wait, and Spider-Man and Doctor Doom’s Fearfall with a 10 min waits. Then, we headed to Seuss Landing. We rode The Cat in the Hat, and the ride broke down while we were on it, it was pretty creepy to be honest. On the way out, they gave a free skip the line pass to use on any other ride (minus many big name rides like HP, Hulk, and Kong) rides because of it. By now, it’s about 5:15, and we headed to Hogsmeade to get a cauldron cake. We got it, then took the HE back to Diagon Alley. Around 6:00, we got Florean Fortescue’s ice cream, and sat on the steps next to Gringotts, just taking it all in. We were wondering why the past two days of being there, the dragon didn’t roar once, but nobody would answer other than “the dragon is temperamental, and roars when he wants to” lol. More on the dragon later…in my next post. Anyway, Diagon Alley is the BEST later in the day, I say after 5:00. When we were eating the ice cream, there were waaaaaaaaaay less people there than the mornings. This is how I like it because we were able to do spells, and ride Gringotts THREE more times! Did I mention it’s my favorite, lol? When we went in line the last ride, they literally closed it right after we went through! When we got off, US was closed, but the picture of empty DA with the shop lights on is an image I hope to never forget, it’s so magical. Even though IOA was still open, we decided to head to Margaritaville for dinner, and they didn’t take reservations. There was a 20 min wait, and the food was great! I hope you enjoyed reading, I’ll post the next day soon!


I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

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I totally agree! I have some great pictures of Hogwarts taken from the very end of this ride, right before you pull into the station. The castle looks breathtaking at night from this ride. I’m so glad you are having such an amazing trip! (And you remind me of my sister–Gringotts is her favorite ride as well and we rode it 5 times last trip!)

Yep, Gringotts to me is the best ride. I love going on it so much! I’m glad you guys are enjoying the trip report, I will be posting the next days really soon!

Day Three:

We planned to have one pool day, which is something none of us ever did at Universal other than an hour here or there. We slept in, and decided that we would go get something to eat and swim whenever we woke up. When we woke up, it was around 10:00. We decided to walk by the slide pool area first so we could see if that’s where we wanted to swim. Then, we went and ate at the Bayliner for breakfast/lunch around 10:45. We decided we wanted to see the lazy river before we decided where we wanted to swim for sure. I’m so glad we did! The lazy river pool was the fun side! There was a dj playing music, games, and even requests. There was not a song that played that I thought “I can’t wait for this song to be over.”

We had brought big high quality inner tubes on amazon for $12, and when we got there, I saw how cute the CBBR ones were, and they were about the same price and smaller ones were cheaper. I actually almost got one from there, but decided against it, my friend did, though. They fill up any inner tube for free regardless of if you purchased it from them or not.

I forgot to mention something. I’m not sure if anyone on here is a fan of the refillable Cabana Bay cups, but I am! I never buy refillable cups in any park or vacation because I don’t drink soft drinks, and to me usually they are a waste of money. One year, I got one because I loved the way it looked, and got one as a gift for someone as well. Since then, I usually get one on my UOR trips because when I go home, they are my absolute favorite for my morning coffee. Every time I go back, I’m due for a new one because they get used so much. Anyway I’m rambling here, lol. They have a new design! The past ones had the characters swimming, and you could pick a brown, green, black, or red cover. This one has the characters driving in a 1960s station wagon, and you can pick blue, red, or black covers.

We ended up swimming, getting some sun, and hanging out in the lazy river for a while. Around 1:00, we got hungry again, and we got hot dogs, fries, and nachos in a place right by where we were sitting, and they were delicious!

Around 6:00, the sun wasn’t really shining where we were sitting, and we headed to the hot tub by the other pool because this one was full. There was nobody there for a while when were in it, but then more and more people came.

We decided to go change, and grab something for dinner. We took a cab to Olive Garden, and we had a great dinner. On the way back, we stopped at City Walk to do some shopping, then headed back to the hotel around 11:00. It was a very fun day, and we were all happy to have a day to just relax. The next day, was to be our last park day, and we didn’t want to burn out.

I hope you enjoyed reading, the last park day should be coming soon!


I did not even know these were a thing!

I’m not sure if others get it or not, but I do. You can refill it only at CB. I know to get it for a whole stay, it’s $14.99 I believe, but I usually just get one day so it’s $8.99. I’ll try posting a picture of both versions. I heard that there is one for Halloween and Christmas, but I’m never traveling there during those times :frowning: I would love one of those.

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Thanks! You have taught me something new!

No problem! I love when I learn new stuff from you guys (and girls) as well!

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I love Mythos - have eaten there twice, but I remember them most fondly for the kindness they did my nephew. He has numerous disabilities and he will only drink milk - not any other kind of beverage, not ever.

We were at the park on a very hot day, he’d drunk up all his supply and we couldn’t find any quick serve places that sold milk - I asked the Mythos receptionist if she knew of anywhere that sold milk, she asked me to wait a second and came back with 2 cups of milk - wouldn’t take a penny for them.


That story made me tear up. Im glad you shared it.