My travels with Kermit

Over the next few days I will be posting about my time with Kermit. We enjoyed many good times together.

Tuesday, Oct 21st, first day of my trip I go to meet @Mrpotatohead and get Kermit. It was a fun time, and I was told to admire the wonderful tile work around the Grand Flordian. After out meeting I did spend a deal of time looking at all of the exquisite tile work there.

So here is the picture of the official Kermit handoff.

After walking around a bit, Kermit, Dan and myself went to 1900 Park fair for dinner, and hopefully a kiss from a princess.

No kiss, which is probably for the best as Kermit would have had a lot of explaining to do with Miss Piggy!!

Well after dinner we headed back to the All Stars Music to get some sleep, as Wednesday was to be a busy day in the Magic Kingdom.


Our first park day, we spent in the Magic Kingdom, it was the day of our 20th Anniversary!

We were there for rope drop, and the park opened early. We walked with great purpose via the teacup route for the seven dwarf mine train. Took about 15-20 mins but we got to ride the mine train. Then we sped off to Peter Pan, and then we did Under the Sea, which I loved how it was done, especillay the “Under the Sea” part. We took some time out for park photos here as well, which I still have to download.

We left fantasy land to venture into tomorrow. We rode Buzz Lightyear two times in a row, went on space mountain with our fpp, rode the TTA and then back to buzz with another fpp. Sung “It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow” at carousel of progress.

Headed out to Frontier land for a ride on splash mountain with a fpp. Then scored another fast pass for Haunted Mansion.

Headed to our 1:30 Crystal palace. Only got to see Piglet, as no other characters were near us, until we were about to leave, they were all clumped together, and we wanted a nap. So we left the Magic Kingdom and headed back to our room for a needed nap.

We got back to the hotel and made a fifth fast pass, we were able to score a wishes fast pass!!!

We got back to the park around 7 and decided we were hungry so we went to Cosmic Rays for some out of this world veggie burgers. Rode Jungle Cruise, It’s a Small World, Under the Sea again.

We went to Pinocchio Village Haus and found the blue fairy book, Kermit even wrote a wish, I did not peek, so I don’t know what he wished for…

We did some people watching then went to see wishes. After wishes we wandered and found a spot outside the Diamond Horseshoe to watch the MSEP. after that it was back to the hub to wait for the goodnight kiss, and back to the room for some much needed sleep.

I would love to spend every anniversary just like this one!


Awesome!!! This is really a great adventure!


I was going to sleep in today.

Kermit decided to stay behind with his new friend Rosemerta. He knew Friday was going to be a busy day.

But I found myself awake at nine-ish, so I packed myself up and went to animal kingdom solo to buy another day for my pass. I made my way to Expedition Everest and using single rider, I did this 5 times in a row. What an awesome ride. Then I sat for a show at Flights of Wonder, and rode Dinosaur. And left the park heading for Animal Kingdom Lodge for lunch as Sanaa.

I am sorry guys, I was very disappointed in Sanaa. The bread service was okay, but I get better breads at my Indian restaurant close to home. The dishes were three small square bowls. Two bowls of what curry you order and an equal sized bowl of rice. I could have used more rice.

After Sanaa, I went to MNSSHP. I meet with Tinkerbell, but I had to convince her I was a good pirate, but I showed her my business card, our company is Tinker Lock Corp. So I told her I too was a tinker, that made things easier.

After Tink I went off to the Haunted Mansion for a magic shot with the ghost hearse. Grabbed some food at Columbia Harbor House, yum!! Then went off in search of the Hitchhiking ghost photo over by Splash mountain. Got that done, rode splash mountain, then did the candy trail. The first parade was over, so I hustled over to pirates to meet Jack Sparrow.

It was nearing time for Hallowishes so I wandered over to the hub in time for Celebrate the Magic and stayed for Hallowishes. Then I went into fronteirland to see the headless horseman and the Boo to you parade. Just awesome.

Managed another candy run, and one more set of autographs.

Made my way out after this, I saw what I wanted to and did what I wanted to, so I was happy to leave before it got crazy to leave.


Friday was our Epcot Day.

Kermit and I left before my husband. We went off to Soaring and then Living with the Land. We were hungry so we stopped for a bite to eat while my husband caught up to us.

Kermit helped me check wait times too.

After DH caught up with me we did Soaring and Living with the Land, yes I know I repeated myself, we had fpp for Soaring.

We did Spaceship Earth, and yes I thanked the Phoenicians. We went our own ways after this, he wanted to spend time drawing while I went off to enjoy Epcot.

I went off to meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, and I did Mission Space. Did not get to test track, it was either down or too packed, even for single rider lines. Kermit and I went off to Club Cool.

Kermit even tried the Beverly.

I also meet with Chip and Dale, and offended Chip by calling him not only Alvin, but a squirrel, but we made up and I got my pictures and autograph.


We went to China to meet Mulan, and Kermit liked the foo dogs.

We went to Mexico too…

After this I had to head back to Future World for dinner at Coral Reef. It was a good meal. I was happy with it. After this we decided we needed ice cream, so we walked over to Beaches and Cream. Kermit and I shared a sunday.

We did some shopping at World Showcase, and decided we were too tired for Illumninations. So we stopped at mousegears on the way out for a couple of souvenirs. And Kermit met some new frog friends.

Time to go back to the hotel, we were tired and Hollywood Studios was going to open at 8 am on Saturday. ZZZZ.


Saturday morning, Early magic hours at Hollywood Studios.

My husband Dan, was not interested in Hollywood studios and was interested in sleep, so Kermit and I went our own way for now.

First stop was TSMM, Kermit helped me get my glasses:

Then I went off to Rock N Roller Coaster, Then off to Tower of terror 3 times, back to rock n roller coaster for another 3 times as a single rider, then back to Tower of terror one more time with fpp. All of this is finished by 10:15 am with and 8 am opening. Went back to TSMM with fpp, saw buzz and woody, found a green army guy. Went to Star Tours, and then off to Muppets!


Muppet 3D Vision…

Kermit posed with waldorf and statler.

Kermit and I went to the mat to retrieve the key.

Kermit decided to leave the key under the mat for now.

Kermit was missing Piggy…

After the Muppets, I found Mike and Sully and posed for a scary picture!

We then wandered towards the Great Movie Ride and looked at the names in cement. Kermit took some poses, missing an old friend.

After this we went back to the room to relax for a bit.


After our break we went back to the Magic Kingdom for a boat ride to Fort Wilderness, where we were going to eat at Trail’s End. What a great buffet, this was probably our best meal.

After dinner I went back to the Magic Kingdom, Dan and I got a final picture with Kermit, as he was going to be handed off soon to @miasamone17.

After Kermit was handed off, I had a special adventure of meeting fellow liner, I think a lot of you know him, please don’t tag him, I know he prefers hanging in chat rather than in forums.

NITER!!! I became his cousin for the night. Again please don’t tag him. And I also got to meet Steve1 while hanging with Niter and Wifey. It was an awesome night.!! Could not have asked for better. We did BTMRR, Carousel of Progress, Peter Pan, Watched some of Wishes and after meeting up with my husband Dan and Steve1 we went on the Haunted Mansion together.

After that we bids our goodbyes, and goodnights, and headed back to the room.


@Jedilogray. Thanks so much for sharing your trip and your awesome Kermit pics! Hopefully others will follow your example!

@Jedilogray - Kermie AND @Mrpotatohead?? No fair! Your cup runneth over!! :frog:


@LuvMuppets you are just upset I could not smuggle you in my bags.

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Your photos are wonderful–thanks for sharing. It’s hard to believe that just 2 months ago we were celebrating our 20th anniversary with Kermit too. Happy Anniversary! :smiley:


How is your DH @Star_Wisher?

Yes, @Star_Wisher - I hope he is doing okay too! :heart:

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My DH is doing so well. Thanks for asking @scrapper. He should be coming home from the hospital this week. :blush:


@Star_Wisher, I’m so glad to hear that!!

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So very happy to hear it! :smile:

Thank you too @LoveBug53!

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