My TPs, open for comments

Hi guys,

Here are my TPs. If anyone has time and likes to review TPs, I am very open to comments / suggestions / ideas / etc…I tried to make relatively ‘‘relaxed’’ plans because my family needs to come back from this trip at least semi-rested… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

This is a MK plan which ends at 6 PM (3 hrs before park closes). We have a HEA dessert party the day before (arrival day, no plan to share really) so I kept it wide open to allow for dinner of our choice and a couple hours to go with the flow, most likely choosing rides according to wait times and hoping for low wait times while people go stake their spots for HEA.

This is for DHS and I know I might have to remove galaxy far far away, I guess I will only know a few days prior most likely. This was supposed to be our Star Wars guided tour day but it was sold out and so we got the dessert party instead.

Another MK day which also finishes early to allow us to decide what to do in the evening. Might go back to HEA or do rides.

Second day at DHS, VIP dessert for Fantasmic, Jedi Academy day. Nothing much special I think.

Last 2 days both at AK. This is a decision I made to ensure getting FoP fastpasses (it worked). I currently have NRJ on both days but depending on how we like it on the 1st day we might not do it on the 2nd day and then replace it on the spot with whatever.

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Your Tom Sawyer’s Island time is way off. Total travel time (waiting/riding raft) might be 30 minutes both ways, but there is a LOT to explore. I’d add an additional hour minimum. Also, no Pirates in the plan…although I see you have that on the 6th.

Thanks that’s very useful. The Tom Sawyer time was the default TP website gave and I didn’t know that as it was closed the only time I’ve been to WDW.

And yes I tried to build 2 ‘‘half plans’’ to cover our 2 full days at MK.

Thanks again !

I guess it is only giving the time if you were to take the raft over to the island, get off, and then take the raft back! You’ll need to add in additional time to account for actually exploring the island. Lots to do there, from exploring the cave, the mine, the barrel bridge, the fort (and if it is open, the escape route!), etc. I know when I was a boy, and also when my boys were there, we loved just exploring. Having said that, my wife isn’t as much a fan, and I can’t speak for my DD. She was there, but didn’t seem to indicate whether it was much fun or not for her! (Maybe it is mostly a boy thing?)

LOL that is not very intelligent of them !!!

Sounds like a lot of fun, I’m sure my son will enjoy this very much !

One thing to add…to MOST appreciate the island (but by all means not necessary), it could be worth reading Tom Sawyer before going to appreciate all the references. But even if you’ve never heard of Tom Sawyer, it is fun.

Which brings me to a humorous thing that happened with my DS8 yesterday. I got in the mail my first Disney T-shirt (to be worn on our trip) which has a silhouette of Walt holding Mickey’s hand standing in front of the castle. Anyhow, he asked me who it was, and I said, “That’s Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse’s hand.” He paused, then said, “Who’s Walt Disney?” I told him that he’s the man who made Walt Disney World. Another pause. “Walt Disney was a real person?”


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I see you have TSM two times in a row. Is it on purpose (I am sure it is). I have found that my arms hurt quite a lot after and I am not a fan of doing it twice in a row!

From what we have been hearing, Jedi signup does not fill up until mid-pm. I think I would probably go straight to Slinky, ride TSM with FPP, Do it a second time if you feel like it, than Jedi sign-up.

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LOL for TSM yes it is on purpose !!! My son really wants me to get the Galactic Hero score, I need practice !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very good point for Jedi Training. I wanted to make sure we’d get the right time but I think you are right and it’s better to run to SDD. Right now though I am worried that Jedi Training might close like so much other stuff since DW website today says there are no shows after Sept. 29th…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Galactic Hero score is in Buzz Lightear at MK, just so your son is not disappointed by TSM!

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I am such an idiot, I read and replied way too fast !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, still on purpose LOL

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I have only looked at the MK day so far but I don’t think I saw a lunch break figured in anywhere nor did I see any free time in between attractions allotted for it. Will you stop to eat? If so, I’d plug it in to your plans to see how it affects other wait times.

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Yes good point, that’s the only day I haven’t put any breaks because I couldn’t decide where to put them. My son is addicted to turkey legs so I figure we’ll just get that and eat while waiting LOL

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