My TP won't predict a wait time for MF:SR

Started tinkering with my upcoming TP for DLR. Anytime I enter MF:SR into the TP, I can’t get any wait times for that ride. Plus, if I put any attractions after MF:SR the TP won’t list waits for those rides either. Anyone know why?

Possibly because there is no data yet

Sounds like a question for the experts - e-mail about this issue and give them the URL of the plan in question.

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Done! Thanks

The last plan I ran with MF:SR included (first weekend in Aug), spit out a 20 min. wait for it no matter where in the plan it ended up or were I moved it to, so it was definitely more of a “placeholder” wait time than anything driven by data. I wonder if TP are now starting to calculate some more data-driven numbers now that they’ve had a few months in the books.

But yes, emailing webmaster will get you the answers for sure! And identify if there was a glitch or something with your plan.

We’re so far away from my trip it doesn’t matter, but wanted to let someone know it case it’s happening to someone else. It’s just odd that adding MF:SR into the plan makes the TP stop displaying any wait times for anything listed after MF:SR. :crazy_face::upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FYI - It got fixed. Here’s what I was told:

We had an issue with the Disneyland Millennium Falcon wait time data for that day. I worked around that, and the plan now optimizes.

(I did have to report another issue, as I’m trying to add in OBB activities one night and it doesn’t have any or recognize that OBB is even happening.)