My TP! Advice?

First timer here. These aren’t perfect, but mostly the plan. My main goal is to hit the hot spots, long break, lots of pool time in June, and very low key evenings. I’ve split some parks into AM and PM b/c I couldn’t keep some of the rides to not appear in pm, where I don’t want to get there till 6-7, tour around a bit and see the night show/fireworks. And if we’re having fun at the pool not even show up until later. If I have something listed twice, like Jungle Trek it’s b/c if we’re exhausted we’ll skip the am one and hit it PM time. Not all our meals are in there. My kids are 7 and 11 and have never been a roller coaster in their lives. One is scared of heights, so I’m not even going to attempt some of the big draws RocknRollercoaster, TOT etc. AND we don’t like princesses, so we scrapped all that stuff. (I can’t remember all the abbreviations!)

June 10th Arrival 5:00ish - Explore resort, pool time! Animal Kingdom Lodge

June 11th - AK

June 12th - HS missing 1 FP - what should I add? (Moving to The Beach Club)

June 13th - Resort Day - The Beach Club
Disney Springs - Dinner at Rainforest Cafe

June 14th - Epcot (why am I missing a FP? idk? What should I add)
PM - World Showcase - taking it easy

June 15th - MK - AM

June 16th - Mk - revamped
Lunch at Chef Mickey
Enjoy Resort Pool
Watch Wishes from The Poly

June 17 - Enjoy Pool in morning- check out and drive back to NC

Thanks folks!!!

I am going to try to look at your plans one at a time and then come back and edit this response. Your first AK: if you could fit the trek in before Kali it may be better. You do not want to walk one of the paths if you are dripping wet! Also, I hate to say it but Everest is the one coaster you can see how high up you are! RnR you are in the dark. PM: once again I would flip the trek. It will close early due to darkness and you do not want to be in the Lion King line for 45 minutes.

HS: I would use the FP for either the sing a long or Indiana Jones- either one though I think the fast pass will make you arrive at least 5 minutes earlier than your plans.

EP- I would get a FP for either Nemo or Turtle Crush. It would come down to: if they both end up have crazy lines- which one is the one you " must do"?

MK morning: I am a little confused here. First- I think that Jungle Cruise wait time is long. I really do not think many people run to JC at rope drop? Also, you have Pecos Bill’s and Be Our Guest within an hour? 30 minutes would not be enough time for Pecos Bill’s. Do you have an ADR for BOG?

PM: you should book a 4th FP for this night when you scan your 3rd.

Last MK day: I would move Dumbo to the night plan. It is so beautiful at night. This plan also has you crisis crossing. You are going to Buzz but then walking past the speedway, and teacups?

Thank you! Done, done and done. MK I’ve really struggled with. Pecos Bil is lunch - BOG is just for desserts bc my kids won’t eat that food and mom wants to see the place. I tried to squeeze SDMT in bc we are going by it. And after BTMR it has 37 minutes of free time before pecos bill??? And I’m still debating on whether that last day my kids will choose MK like I have planned. They might love AK with the new Pandora! Sigh. I’ll review that last day.

Thank you, I appreciate the expert advice!

Just a couple of suggestions here:
(1) You have Lion King for both morning and evening AK plans; if you end up doing the morning show, I’d suggest doing the Nemo show later, as it is a very good show.
(2) You say your kids have never ridden a roller coaster before, but you have all the “mountains” on your list. If you have one that is especially scared of heights, you probably won’t get him/her on Splash Mountain, as it does have a fairly steep/high drop at the end that is very visible when walking past the ride. And, Space Mountain is basically in the dark; my grandkids were shaking for an hour after they went on that one, being roller coaster novices. Big Thunder Mountain doesn’t have any really high drops, but the tight turns can make some squeamish. The Dwarves coaster ride is fairly tame, and interesting to ride once, but it really isn’t anything special, and not worth the time to ride twice, in my opinion (do Buzz Lightyear twice if you do any ride twice).
(3) If you find that your kids are not coaster enthusiasts, I would suggest replacing Space Mountain with Mickey’s Phillarmagic 3-D show. With the proliferation of 3-D these days, it’s not as unique as it was when it first came out, but it is done well, and I have never had a kid say they didn’t enjoy it. As it is almost right next to the Peter Pan ride, and waits are never longer than the length of one show, you can enjoy that without a lot of back-tracking.
Otherwise, it does look like you got most of the best rides/attractions on your list (I say “most” as what is “best” is truly subjective). Hope you have a good trip!

NThank you! My 11 year old “claims” he wants to try the coasters, so I’m torn as to whether schedule fast passes. Don’t want to get there and not have them. I have a feeling we’all be doing only 1 or 2, but EE is scheduled for Mom! That one looks awesome, I don’t care if I have to ride it by myself :slight_smile:

Will tweak some more, didn’t even realize I had Lion king twice! Will try and add 3D in there! Thank you for taking the time to look!!

I would allow some time to explore Pandora too. You can add it in before or after your breaks, but from everything being said it sounds like a definite night time must-do activity at least. Just add it as a break and fix the time.

In fact I think it should maybe added as an option in the touring plans, like the trails for example, if it isn’t already. How do you suggest this to our TP wizards? I’m sure other liners will know who to page!

Yes! My whole nighttime is Pandora. You’re right though, I didn’t account for any daytime Pandora! Thank you!! Id rather do that than the trails bc we can see animals at any zoo. Pandora is a once in a lifetime! And time to taste some Pandora treats! Will make change. Thank you!!

Don’t you hate when you make 1 change and it screws up your whole TP!! Note to self! That Foltlk is actually going to be Explore Pandora time. I’ll find another time for FOTLK!

Oops, hadn’t noticed what your 60 minute break said!

But yes, you probably want a little time during the day too.

Remember you can use Evaluate rather than Optimise. That will keep your plan order the same and just show you the timings. Might be easier when tweaking plans. Also I like to take a copy of my plan before starting to tweak it. That way I can go back to the original if it all goes pear shaped!

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Nope you were right, I edited it after your suggestion! thank you!

Looking at HS, you have no leeway after Muppets before Indy. Even with a fastpass. this is a bit risky. If you’re at all late they may have let in extra stand-by guests and you could, not will, miss it.

I would watch march of the first order, maybe hang about and watch the stage show and then make your way to Indy. Muppets are 5 minutes away from Sci Fi diner so you should be able to squeeze it in before lunch.

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Epcot - again you have no leeway between looking around The Seas a quarry mans Spaceship Earth. Your plan is already banking on the leeway on fastpasses, and I don’t think 15 minutes is enough at The Seas if you are going to look at anything. It can take almost that long to get out of the building and across to SE.

Can you adjust fp times for SE and TT? Start with TT, see if you can push it back 30 minutes, then the same for SE.

Otherwise you may have to go straight from Nemo to SE. And go back if you want to.

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And one more.

At MK if you are running late after deserts at BOG you risk missing Splash. It’s a bit of a hike across, and it would only take un unscheduled restroom break and your leeway is gone. Or just getting distracted by something.

Can you push Splash back at all?

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HS - done, Ep- done, MK - done! Thank you sooooooo much!!

Just read my Epcot one. Have no idea what I meant to type lol! Clearly you managed to decipher the meaning…

Anyway, you’re welcome!