My Tourning Plans are going crazy

The first day of my trip isn’t until December 5th. I have been tracking the days on the crowd calendar and it hasn’t changed recently. I had all of my TP’s done, knowing that I might have to tweak them. Yesterday I changed a FPP+ time on one of my AK days and updated it. Wowza! It went from having EE as a couple minute wait for the first hour or so to a 18-20 minute wait. I went to my other AK day and clicked evaluate (with no changes) and it did the same thing. I haven’t tried any other parks yet.
Is something up with the system or is that real? I really hate to redo everything, which I would need to do, because with the new times we wouldn’t get through half of a plan in the day, if it is just some kind of glitch.

I suspect it’s real. I find that the numbers are often adjusted 4-8 weeks out. I wouldn’t take anything as solid until about a week before, and things change even after that. It’s better to be orepared for long wait times than to be surprised by them though!

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Generally, the closer you get to your actual park date the better the predictions will be. Even though the CL may not have changed, there may be something going on that is changing the distribution of the crowd throughout the attractions.

Thanks. I wished I had realized that before. It’s just frustrating to have put all of that thought and work into it and know it’s not even close to being usable. Just checked the app for todays wait times and it is showing 5 min. for EE (same crowd level) and on my TP it went from 5 min (old plan) to 20 min (new evaluated plan).
Was hoping it was a glitch. We have been to Disney many times and this was the first time using TP. Thought it would be fun, since I am a crazy planner to begin with. Just the opposite. Guess I will just go back to my hand written rough outline of how I would like the day to go.
I appreciate the input!

Don’t give up on the plans. In my experience, my final plans have been amazingly accurate - last time I finished my UOR plan within minutes of the projected time.

I agree with @brklinck. Knowing that ride A would have a 17 minute wait at 10:00 am but a 45 min wait at 10:30 was powerful information. At the very least, you can just make a plan with all the things you’d love to do - like a bucket list - and optimize when you get there just to see what it suggests. If you don’t like it, you can follow your own list, but at least you’ll have it as an option.

Also, if you really want to make your own plan (which I do in certain situations), you can still do it and use Evaluate instead of Optimize which will give you a prediction of how long your plan should take.

Actually I have made all of my own TP’s and just evaluated. That way I can schedule the wet rides on our way out of the park for afternoon break. Since I have already paid for it, I will give it another shot as the time gets closer to go, but it just seems to have lost some of the “dazzle” for me. It’s my own fault really, I wrongly assumed that there would be changes but nothing that big. I chose my FPP+ attractions and times around the original plan at 60 days out and made Adr’s to fit in there. I am just going to stick with those and see how it goes.
We’re not going to miss out on anything because of it, it was just a shocker to see it change that much is all.
Live and learn!