My Touring Plan for Animal Kingdom

Here is my TP for AK. Fellow TPers, please give advice.
We are 2 adults taking a 2 year old for her first Disney experience.


Welcome to the forum!

Welcome! What is going on with your boneyard time? I don’t understand the wait? Also, did you add the note about Nemo? Was that moved?

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Welcome! I took a quick glance on my phone - love looking at other people’s plans.

One thing I would switch is where the plan has the gorilla falls trail - maybe move that to after safari or next to FOTLK - that way you don’t have to go all the way up there for just the trail.


Also - if you need something to check into during FOP (assuming you will need to occupy the little one). Check times for the Pandora drummers. My toddler niece looooved them and they were great interacting with her.

I bet it doesn’t open until 9a

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Does the Boneyard open that early when you are there? I’d double check. And I agree about moving the GFT so you aren’t walking so much.

Also, FOP in my experience takes at least an hour if you’re planning to utilize RS. So if you’re wanting to make the 4:15 Nemo show I’d plan on your RS party using their FOP FP later in the day.

It sounds like you’ve planned a lovely day. My only other comment is the back to back shows in the evening. Is your 2 y/o going to be able to handle sitting still that long?

Opps! LOL I didn’t realize my TP had me going to the Boneyard before it opens. should factor that in when it optimizes.
Thanks for the advice all.
I will make adjustments and repost.

I think it doesn’t open until 10 actually. It’s kind of annoying.

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