My three favorite meals at Universal Orlando were

(4 adult females, Girl’s Trip - Sept 2019)

My three favorite meals were:
1- Antojitos at City Walk – tableside guacamole and a very interesting take on chili rellenos
2- Leaky Cauldron in US – the food is all just OK, but the theming is not to be missed for HP fans
3- Mythos in IOA – “The Fork, Knife, and Spoon” – basically a big grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup in a very cool restaurant atmosphere.
Honorable mention - The Three Broomsticks – Shepard’s Pie – the food is good, but I dislike the ordering/pickup system here.

What are your top three meals?


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I loved Antojitos! The guacamole is fabulous.
We did both breakfast and lunch at Leaky Cauldron and really enjoyed both. The theming is definitely incredible.
Cowfish was enjoyable but not as awesome as I thought it would be from descriptions ahead of time.

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I also loved the grilled cheese at Mythos. That’s really the only meal I have a very good impression of. The rest is just food, really, and I’ve actually never had a good dining experience in CityWalk. Universal just doesn’t seem to do food very well unless you’re at the hotels. I’ve had very good meals at pretty much every hotel restaurant I’ve tried there.

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Breakfast at The Kitchen (HRH). Breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron. I couldn’t really pick a third. They were all fine, food wise, but not outstanding.

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  1. Cowfish (by far our fav)
  2. The Kitchen
  3. Mythos

I’ve never had a good meal at UOR. Food is the worst feature of the parks there.

Actually, that’s not wholly true. Guests on the VIP tour get breakfast and lunch. The breakfast is fine: no complaints. The lunch was really very good — an extensive buffet of genuinely delicious options.

But none of this matters because: Butterbear. The frozen version is sooo good. Even better than a Frappuccino.


When we go, we’re not really going for the food. Yes, we eat, but we’re not going to the most expensive or exotic restaurant because where we’re from you can pretty much get any kind of restaurant or food. We normally just get burgers or chicken tenders, something where we wouldn’t have to leave the park to eat. When we’ve gone, we’ve enjoyed eating at: Margaritaville, Mythos, and Richer’s burgers (next to where the Jaws shark is).

Personally, if we could start a new thread on favorite snacks at Universal, I’d have a lot more to choose from because I spend a lot of my money on those over there, lol.


We loved the food at Universal!
We had fabulous dinners at

  1. the Kitchen
  2. Cowfish
  3. Chocolate emporium

Our breakfast everyday was ice cream from Florean Fortesues. Followed by lots of butterbeers and an occasional pumpkin juice throughout the day.
I also recommend stopping in the bar area attached to Three Broomsticks for a drink. We stopped there for just ice waters and got to appreciate the atmosphere of the three broomsticks without eating there. It was super hot while we were visiting and we couldn’t imagine having a meal there and then going back out into the park but we were happy to have a chance to see the theming.

Honorable mention, mostly by my DS12, krusty burgers from fast food boulevard.

  1. Captain America’s Diner

Is the food good? Nope. Is it decent? Nope. But we ate there a few times because if you order the Kid’s burger instead of the adult, you get the same size burger, slightly fewer fries, and just no tomato/lettuce for almost half the price. So, when you are on a budget, this is the way to go! But the burgers themselves? My suggestion is don’t really think of them as “burgers” so much as “energy packs”. :slight_smile:

  1. Louie’s Italian Restaurant (Pizza)

Is the pizza good? Well, good might be a stretch, but it is decent. But we could order a whole pizza for under $40, which, when splitting among 5 people, still works out to a decent deal per person even after you add on breadsticks.

Sorry. We didn’t do any table service places. It was all about budget! :slight_smile:

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  1. VIVO Italian Kitchen (delicious seafood)
  2. Cowfish Sushi (the blackened tuna nachos)
  3. tie between Big Fire/NBC Sports Grill/Finnegan’s in US/The Three Broomsticks in IOA – the first three because the food/ambiance was good, the last for ambiance and reasonable food.

I’d planned to eat at Mythos but it didn’t fit into our touring plans as executed vs as planned.

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