My three favorite Adult Beverages at Universal Orlando were

(4 adult females, Girl’s Trip - Sept 2019)

My three favorite adult beverages were…
1- The Dragon Scale beer (a medium red ale) throughout HP sections, enjoyed best at the Hogs Head Tavern in Hogsmeade.
2- The Sunburnt Margarita at Margaritaville in City Walk. Sit at the bar and wait for the Volcano to blow.
3- The Chocolate Martini at the Orchid Lounge in Royal Pacific Hotel. Drinks and dessert all in one!
Honorable mention – The Rosemary Salty Dog at ‘Big Fire’ in City Walk

What are your top three adult vacation drinks at UO?



1 - Fire Whiskey - Amazing!! I now make it at home
2 - Duff Beer - surprisingly good - not just a novelty food.
3 - Most cocktails at Margaritaville

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The Blood Pit drink at Halloween Horror nights was great. All 4 specialty drinks were 10x better than last year’s HHN drinks.

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Duff beer!

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I am in love with the Fire Whiskey! How are you making it at home?

1 oz of “Fireball” brand whiskey + 1 bottle (12 oz) of hard Apple Cider (I use “Angry Orchard” original)

You’ll probably have an extra swallow of cider in the bottle. I just take my first pull from my glass and then pour the rest in.

I’ve also used Jim Beam’s “Fire” and “Strongbow” cider. However, the above has become my preferred mix.

I’ve seen more complicated recipes online, but this seems as good as what I get at Hog’s Head.

Careful though… even a wise Ravenclaw, like myself, will make more than one on a weeknight or pour a bit more than 1 oz of “Fireball” in the glass and regret it the next morning! :crazy_face:


Thank you!!!

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