My TA might be trying to kill me (not really, water park question)

So because I switched TAs I ended up with 1-day water park passes on our tickets - I hadn’t planned for this (cue meltdown :wink:); thus I have no information on Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach. We’ll be going in early December - are both water parks usually open at this time? I thought I read somewhere that one water park usually shuts down during the wintertime for maintenance (which would make my choice really easy), but now I can’t find the article. If they are both open, which would you suggest? We’re two adults (who act like 12-year-olds so water slides totally appeal to us); no kids, no pregnancies, broken legs (so far) or anything that would prohibit us from certain activities.


Hours for the water parks are already in MDE. It seems one park is open every day in Dec while the other is closed for refurb. The park that’s open depends on the day in Dec you’ll visit. Anyway, check out the website and have fun.

Aagh thanks Sam2071, it would appear I just committed the unpardonable sin of not checking on the official website before coming here to post… thanks again! :slight_smile:

The standard refurb schedule is 1 water park down in December & the other in January FWIW. Do remember that just because you have a free water park day doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use it. Weather is obviously a key - if it’s a warm December it’s a great option and a fun change of pace, but if it’s chilly you’d likely be foolish to use it - although that likely depends on your tolerance for cold too.

I’d suggest pick a day that’s an open day and plan to either hit the Water Park if warm, or catch a theme park and do favorite rides that day, but plan for a relatively casual touring day overall. Presuming you have time for a day like that of course…

They do heat the water in the water parks year-round. The problem is the air temperature when you get OUT of the water! BRRRRR.

TouringPlans maintains a list of current and upcoming closures and refurbs: .

According to that page, Blizzard Beach will be closed 10/23 to 12/25 (Merry Christmas!) and then Typhoon Lagoon will be closed 12/25/16 to 3/12/17