My Space 220 Fantasy

My musings as I check the dining reservation page every couple days seeing if there is an opening date yet. While I’m sure this isn’t going to happen, I certainly wish it would and feel it certainly could happen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the way you got to the restaurant was via a Mission Space ride? It’s all set up to do this, the centrifuges are highly configurable (they say) and right there next to the restaurant. It would be some variation of the green ride just to low earth orbit, but you could even have a green and orange version you dynamically altered between depending on customer demand. That would kick up the “immersion” to fantastic levels!

I’m sure that has at least been proposed since the beginning and maybe could happen some day, but you have to admit, that would be a great way to “get to” the restaurant! It would need to be optional of course and probably not a good idea for the return trip, but OK with that.


There is some immersiveness to getting to the restaurant. You have to take a space elevator to get there, which is supposedly supposed to give you some amazing “views”.

Last time I rode Mission Space, the absolutely last thing I wanted to do afterwards was eat a meal.:face_vomiting:


Ryan1: Yep, seen the artwork and it does look cool and as someone who truely feels Mission Space is the best ride in all of WDW still, very much looking forward to the restaurant. Just getting there via a ride would be over the top cool. I think my record for rides in a single day is six.


Cherokee_jacket: I do agree it wouldn’t be for everyone and even for me a bit iffy for the “return to earth”! It would definitely need to be optional. In our family of five, four of us love it and could (and do) loop the orange version every trip, but my DW is green only, “one and done” for a trip.

While certainly possible, the post title is alas accurate, a fantasy! :slight_smile:


That would be so cool.
And a souvenir embroidered patch after, to commemorate your mission??

Space 220 is a myth. It’s not a real thing. It’s fake news.


quicha: That is something that should be done! I’d certainly get one!

Mousematt: Ugh, it certainly feels like it could be. My only hope is that I did wander by the building last October and at least I saw it with my own eyes. Yea, it could be the control center for some alien invasion instead of a restaurant admittedly, but at least there is a physical building.


I want it the other way around. Eat a big meal and then ride the ride after. Get a 10% discount if you’re brave enough to go Orange on a full stomach!

Weird part is I’d be game! :slight_smile: Only issue is I’d feel obliged to give that discount to the custodial staff if it didn’t go well.


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